Community Resilience

Funding level: Up to $50,000


After talking to 2,400 Canadians, we have identified a national need - clear flood risk information and easy and affordable ways we can protect our communities and homes from floods. There is often confusion about who to call first when a flood happens and how insurance or government relief can help. This means Canadians are under-protected from flood risks in a changing climate, and are unsure how to protect themselves. Partners for Action at the University of Waterloo wants to help Canadian communities help themselves to become more resilient and reduce flood risk. is a national website designed to inform community members, organizations, businesses and municipalities about floods. The goal of is to provide a hub of information related to floods, flood risks, and emergency preparedness. Our climate is changing, and so is our flood risk. We want to empower communities to talk to their neighbours about these risks and to take action to flood-proof their homes to reduce damage and cleanup time. Because stronger, more resilient communities are better for everyone!

We believe the impact of this project will remain for many years, as we are the first to bring together this information in one easily accessible, respected location. Our networks will spread the word, and we will continue to update and add relevant information that is useful to everyone across the country.

Please vote to help us launch our website and develop information that can help as many Canadians as possible - in French and English, and our other major languages - Chinese, Punjabi, and indigenous languages, like Cree, Ojibwe, and Inuktituk. We also want to get our messages out to seniors and students throughout the country, because flood can happen anywhere, and we need to talk to everyone, even if they don’t have a permanent address or internet access. We can't get this national reach to connect and build stronger communities, neighbourhoods, and families without Aviva's help.

Communities are struggling to plan for a changing climate and will also provide a secure space where community leaders, climate scientists, community groups, and those working in disaster prevention and relief can exchange ideas and share experiences to make us a stronger, more resilient nation.

We want to prepare Canadians for floods and we are committed to delivering peace of mind to homeowners and renters, communities and organizations, and businesses by answering questions and providing critical resources for reducing and managing damage and losses after an event. We can't change the climate, but we can support positive change and make our communities more resilient to flood, which in turn will make us more resilient to other challenges. wants to start the conversation to help Canadians take the first steps toward a more flood prepared and resilient nation.

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Partners for Action, University of Waterloo

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