10 years of community impact…

We’re thrilled that the Aviva Community Fund has continued to help great community-driven ideas come to life since 2009. Each year, Aviva continues to be amazed at the passion that Canadians have for improving their communities.

We are so proud to share moments and highlights from past campaigns.

Watch videos that capture the impact the Aviva Community Fund has created.

Video transcript

Aviva Community Fund Winners 2018

Video transcript

Greg Somerville: Well, I think about the opportunities that I’ve had to actually deliver the cheques.  And I have to tell you, it’s one of the most humbling and proud moments that I’ve had when I was working at Aviva, to be in the company of people who’ve worked so hard to get behind an idea that they believe passionately in and for them to be recognized and rewarded so they can invest in that idea for the betterment of the community.  It’s a pretty amazing feeling.

Paul Taylor: Today we have a special guest joining us…

Ben Isotta-Riches: I am here today to tell you, you have won.

Crowd: Cheering.

Male: Thank you our wonderful friends at Aviva for this wonderful prize.

Female: We are so grateful to be chosen for this award.

Female: A Soul’s Harbour rescue mission can build its life recovery shelter.  Thank you.

Males: Thank you to everyone who votes for L'épicerie Le Détour. A huge thank you!

Female: The monies from the Aviva Community Fund will go a long way towards the renovations of our kitchen at Riversyde 83.

Male: Winning the Aviva Community Fund means that folks with limited mobility, and everyone, can enjoy all that Two Rivers has to offer.

Male: This fund will allow us to proceed with the splash pad for the children of  Placentia.  Thank you Aviva.

Females: From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Aviva.

Female: Winning $50,000 for our playground means the world.

This grant will guarantee that our students have a playground for playing, building friendships and for learning.

Females: Hurray, we won!  Thank you to the population, thank you to the employees, thank you to all the Aviva team.

Male: To know that we have a chance to make it sustainable through this funding is just, it’s out of this world.

Female: It will increase opportunities for indigenous youth to develop hands-on agricultural and trade skills.

Male: Enabling change that would last for the next seven generations.

The St. John’s Farmers’ Market is about to get a whole lot bigger.  Winning the Aviva Community Fund means that our environmental footprint won’t be growing with us.  Thank you.

Female: Winning the Aviva Community Fund means that we can get our project off the ground and expand to more communities than we ever thought possible. Thank you Aviva!

Female: Wow.  Thank you so much!  This has made my day.

Video transcript

Greg Somerville, President and CEO at Aviva Canada: “It gives me great pride to announce this year’s Grand Prize winners which brings our total Aviva Community Fund donation contribution since 2009 to over 7.5 million dollars”. 

Community Development Winners: 

Winner: Cheering! Thank you so much you guys, this means so much to us. That’s amazing! 

Winner: Thank you so much! Cheering!

Winner: I am just so ecstatic you would choose us because you’re giving our program vitality for so many more years!

Community Health Winners:

Winner: This really puts the icing on the cake, thank you very much!

Community Resilience winners: 

Winner: Oh my! We’re really excited. 

Winner: Cheering! Thank you so much, you don’t believe how excited people are going to be!

Winner: Cheering! Great, really! I am so excited! Indeed! I am speechless.

Aviva spokesperson: You guys are $100,000 dollar winners!

Dartmouth North Good Food Market & Café: Cheering! Oh my! Cheering!

Aviva spokesperson: You’re winners! Congratulations!

Aviva spokesperson: We’re here to tell you that you’ve won $100,000 dollars!

Food Forest: Oh my! Cheering! 

Aviva spokesperson: We’re here to tell you won $50,000 dollars!

Revitalization of The Hub: Cheering!

Video transcript

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