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Dream Playground

ACF7777 Rexton Elementary School Rexton, New Brunswick Canada

Created October 15, 2010 by Angela Savory


Rexton, New Brunswick Canada

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

Between 100 - 1,000


**Background** Rexton Elementary School is located in a small rural community of approximately 900 people. The majority of our 258 students are bused to school from culturally diverse communities within a 45 km radius. Currently the playground is comprised of two small play structures. It has been recommended that one of the structures be removed as it has deteriorated with age and is simply "outdatedā€ in many ways. Each structure is designed for approximately 20 children, leaving most students "waiting their turn". A committee of 6 volunteers has rallied together to provide these children with an interactive playground. The committee has designed a model that would allow children to enhance their strength, agility, and gross motor skills. Through a specially designed obstacle type structure the students will experience a variety of running, climbing, and strength building activities that will promote physical activity. As well, this model includes a number of climbing apparatuses and has ensured that the playground has been designed to accomodate students with special needs. Creating a community based playground will benefit not only the students of the school but those from the surrounding area as well. **Rationale** Outdoor activity plays a vital role in a child's learning and social development. We all know that children spend far too much time inside, watching television or playing video games. Statistics Canada has documented that New Brunswick's youth have one of the highest obesity rates in all of Canada. The students of our community are very limited in the amount of outdoor play structures available to them - two small village parks which are beyond walking distance for most children. Since 90% of our students are bused in from rural areas, our school playground will provide them with an opportunity not otherwise possible. **Budgetary Requirements** Our goal is to purchase, for the greater good of our community, three play structures. Included are a climbing structure for **$8495**, a swing set for **$4414**, and an obstacle course for $**11342**, totalling **$24251.00**. Two local contractors have committed to donate the material,equipment, and labour needed to complete the installation of the three structures. With the help of Aviva funding our playground can be completed by early summer 2011. **Sustainability** Our structure choices were made with safety and longevity in mind. Once installed, maintenance of the equipment becomes the responsibility of the district. These two criteria will ensure that our playground will last for generations. Rexton has a very low crime/vandalism rate and an active Neighbourhood Watch program. Damage to public property is rare. We know this playground will be cherished for years to come. **Likelihood of Success** The creation of our Dream Playground involves spirited children, supportive adults, and our community's corporate members. Numerous grant proposals have also been submitted in hopes of making this dream a reality. Enthusiasm has not waned despite the expense necessary to achieve our goal. We may be small, but we're trying really hard to be MIGHTY fundraisers. Everyone feels a part of this Dream! Not only will this project succeed, but once created, it will last a lifetime. Aviva's gift of $25,000 will ensure that our community's children have the opportunity to experience a rich and stimulating play area. The community spirit that has been ignited by this playground initiative and corresponding Aviva challenge has proven how small communities can rally together to support their children. The Aviva Community Fund has also provided an avenue that has allowed family and friends worldwide to become excited and connected. With your help this Dream Playground will become a reality! Thank you, Dream Playground Committee and Supporters