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Scouting's No One Left Behind PERSONNE LAISSÉ DE CÔTÉ

ACF4082 Scouts Canada Foundation All across Canada

Created November 15, 2009 by John Rietveld Scouts Canada Foundation


All across Canada

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**Thank you to everyone who voted for No One Left Behind in the previous round**. The final round begins December 2nd and your continued support voting daily will be appreciated by all the children who will benefit from the funding. In 2007 the Scouts Canada Foundation introduced the No One Left Behind Program as part of its Centennial Celebrations. As a result of survey's of local Scout Councils and research using information from Statistics Canada it was recognized that each year more children were coming forth asking to join Scouting but were unable to do so because they lacked the financial ability to cover the membership fee and other costs of participation. No One Left Behind is new, and the funds raised in the Centennial Year, 2007, are slowly being used. New fundraising is underway, but already the demand is expected to exceed the available funds. The children helped by NOLB come from all parts of Canada and typically from families that are experience financial setbacks due to job loss during the recession or single parent and low income situations. The average NOLB grant to date is $75, and so far nearly 2,000 youth have been assisted. In Scouting tradition no child receives a 100% grant. All members are expected to participate in group fundraising to DO THEIR BEST to raise some of the cost of their involvement on their own. Most children then ask their parents or grandparents to top-up any shortfall but increasingly some parents are unable to do so and this is when NOLB can help. With the support of their group, their council and NOLB these children are given a Scouting experience. Scouting provides boys and girls with life-long experiences and helps them develop values of character, leadership and teamwork. Many successful business and community leaders have taken part in Scouting. Some examples include Astronaut Steve MacLean, and News Anchors Peter Mansbridge and Kevin Newman. The AVIVA Community Challenge would help the Scouts Canada Foundation to help even more youth. Based on current application levels it is expected that 3,000 + youth may request support today and in time up to 10,000 youth may need NOLB support. Many children who require support the first year of their involvement are able to become self-sufficient in following years. The purpose of the Scouts Canada Foundation’s No One Left Behind Fund is to ensure that any child, who wishes to belong, can participate in Scouts Canada's programs. Specific programs supported by the fund include but are not limited to: financial assistance to youth for membership and participation, program development, leader recruitment and training, and to assist with the overall expansion of Scouting across Canada. When a child requires NOLB support his or her names is held in strictest confidence at the local section or group level. Applications only require simply state the number of youth requiring support, and whether they need a membership grant or a participation grant. In this way the embarrassment some feel when asking for help is diminished. French Version/Version française ci-dessous À travers tout le Canada, des jeunes veulent adhérer au scoutisme. Toutefois, pour certains d’entre eux, la possibilité d’adhérer au scoutisme pour profiter d’activités avec leurs amis et acquérir des compétences en leadership est hors de portée. En effet, à cause de circonstances diverses, ils sont dans l’impossibilité d’adhérer ou de participer au scoutisme soit parce qu’ils appartiennent à des familles monoparentales où les parents ont de la difficulté à joindre les deux bouts soit qu’ils sont au sein de familles victimes des coupures d’emploi dues à la récession. Le programme PERSONNE LAISSÉ DE CÔTÉ de la Fondation Scouts Canada offre une assistance à ces jeunes. Deux allocations sont offertes, une allocation d’aide pour la cotisation d’adhésion et une allocation permettant la pleine participation au programme par l’achat, entre autres, d’équipement pour le camp d’été. Dans les années passées, la Fondation Scouts Canada a aidé 2 000 enfants grâce au programme PERSONNE LAISSÉ DE CÔTÉ. L’allocation moyenne est de 75 $. Cela peut paraître un petit montant, mais la méthodologie scoute suppose que chacun participe à une collecte de fonds locale. En effet, apprendre à recueillir de l’argent et à faire sa part fait partie de la méthode scoute, il n’est donc pas nécessaire d’accorder des subventions couvrant 100 % des frais. Parmi les jeunes qui ont reçu une forme d’assistance l’an dernier, la majorité vive dans des secteurs urbains, ce sont des enfants issus de familles à bas revenu ou de familles monoparentales réparties dans toutes les provinces et toutes les villes du Canada.Encore une fois, il suffit parfois de 75 $ pour permettre à un enfant de goûter au plaisir que procure le scoutisme et d’acquérir de nouvelles connaissances. Grâce au programme Aucun laissé pour compte, à l’argent recueilli par leur collecte de fonds et, dans plusieurs cas, l’aide de leur propre groupe de scoutisme et du conseil local, un plus grand nombre de jeunes peuvent adhérer au scoutisme.