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Shelter from the Storm

ACF16793 Humane Animal Rescue Team (hart) Edmonton, Alberta

Created September 22, 2013 by Christine Krueger


Edmonton, Alberta

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

Between 100 - 1,000


It is a cold Alberta morning and a homeless dog slowly opens his weary eyes.  A snow-covered landscape greets him.  All around him a brisk northern wind howls.  He fights to get to his feet to begin the daily struggle to find food.  He is cold, sick and almost too weak to even shake the snow from his matted fur.  Turning to place his back to the freezing wind, he expects his friend to stand and join him.  Yet, his friend lays motionless, nearly fully blanketed under the thickening snow-storm.  The dog places his head down and tries to gently nudge his pal into moving, but his friend doesn’t respond.  Lifting his head, he slowly turns into the fury of the storm.  He knows he is alone now, and summoning all of his strength, he takes one of many painful steps, neither of which may lead to food.  Maybe he will see his friend again real soon, he wonders, and walks into the storm. This is the reality for stray and abandoned dogs.  Many die from exposure. 

The humane animal rescue team (hart) is a no kill animal rescue organization that rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes abandoned, stray, and surrendered dogs in rural and First Nation areas surrounding Edmonton.  In addition, hart provides education and awareness programs that promote responsible pet ownership and participates in the provision of spay/neuter clinics.

hart is a federally registered charity and as such we depend on funds raised through donations and fundraising initiatives to continue our efforts.  hart is foster home based, we do not have a shelter facility.  When a foster home becomes available, we are able to rescue a dog.  Many are left behind with no food and no shelter.  Currently we have 44 full time placement foster homes.  For every dog rescued, nine are left behind to fend for themselves.  By providing homeless dogs shelter from extreme weather, we are ensuring that dogs are provided comfort and shelter from the extreme heat and cold, without shelter many dogs do not survive.   These shelters would provide a safe warm or cool area, depending on the season for a mother to have her puppies or a warm retreat for dogs with very low body fat.