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A Shelter for H.A.R.T.

ACF16452 Homeless Animal Rescue Team Aylesford, Nova Scotia B0P 1C0

Created November 13, 2012 by Laurie Wheeler


Aylesford, Nova Scotia B0P 1C0

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


My rescue has been up and running mostly out of my small home since February, 2008.  During this time we have taken in over 700 animals, mostly cats and kittens.   Given the fact that all of these rescues were fostered in my home or a few others, we know that we could do even more with a shelter here in Aylesford, in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.  Our home is now filled with cats that either never got adopted or chose to stay, one way or another!  We only have a couple of other foster homes that we use and are now desperate for a shelter.  We are a registered not for profit organization.  We host many fundraisers throughout the year to pay for our never ending vet bill, food, litter, medical supplies and more.  So far through private donations and fundraising, and often out of our own pockets, we have been able to survive.  We are a small dedicated, driven group of individuals that have a huge passion for what we do.  We spare nothing to save the lives of so many.   A shelter would allow us to rescue more, and allow us to have our home turned back into a home, instead of a shelter.  By having a shelter it means more unwanted, abandoned, stray and feral cats can be taken off of the streets of our community.  This is a constant problem for people, we get hundreds of telephone calls every month.  We also specialize in bottle feeding orphans.  We would like to have  a small nursery built in the shelter where we could put our incubator, and other necessities that go along with this.  We have worked hard and don't get much sleep.  The job of a rescuer is 24/7.  Having a shelter is a dream for us - we want this to be a reality.  Many of you may wonder why we are asking for the smallest amount of money awarded in this contest - we are only looking for the building materials and a small piece of land.  We have the people to build it, all volunteers.  Please help this be a reality for us and vote.  It would change the lives of sooo many animals and so many people.  What we have done just out of our home is nothing compared to what we could with a shelter!!!  My volunteers will be able to come to this shelter and work out of it for me, leaving me to do so much more in the way of fundraising, educating, etc., etc.  Right now as it is I am in my home working far too hard, nobody should have to work this hard.  I have given up my entire life for these animals.  I will do this forever, but I desperately, desperately need a small shelter to house the animals and to help so many, many more.