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Harder-4-Carter: The Carter Antila Memorial SkatePark

ACF16058 Carter Antila Memorial SkatePark Committee Temiskaming Shores P0J 1P0

Created October 30, 2012 by Shirley Jones


Temiskaming Shores P0J 1P0

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


LONG DREAMED OF PLANS ARE WELL UNDERWAY TO CREATE THE FIRST PERMANENT SKATEBOARD / BMX PARK IN THE SOUTH TEMISKAMING AREA.  The Carter Antila Memorial SkatePark Committee's drive to fulfill this project comes from Temiskaming Shores’ desire to:
  • Address the need for local “free” activities for our youth that will provide physical activity, a sense of inclusion, and pride in our community;
  • Have an accessible venue rather than requiring youth to travel 75 minutes or more from our rural area in Northeastern Ontario to a comparable site;
  • Honour a young man who died in 2011 before he could see his 7 year old dream become a reality – see the video we have posted or go to for more details about Carter's legacy and our project.  
THE CARTER ANTILA MEMORIAL SKATEPARK IS AN ACTION-ORIENTED STAND-ALONE PROJECT that will create a central recreational venue for the youth of Temiskaming Shores and surrounding area.  Its professional design will provide an array of features including a bowl and plenty of transitions with great flow and characteristics suitable to all levels and ages of riders with special attention to safety. 

The New Liskeard Algonquin Park, a family-friendly environment, has been designated by the City as the site.  It is the location where the young and the young at heart already play, with neighbouring baseball diamonds, soccer pitches and the South Temiskaming Active Trail. The Park’s central location is ideal in terms of accessibility, appeal, and high visibility.   

  • Raised over ¼ of a million dollars in just over a year of fundraising;
  • Partnered with the City of Temiskaming Shores, signing a strategic alliance agreement, whereby they are providing environmentally approved land, liability coverage, and ongoing maintenance for the park;
  • Initiated commitments with local businesses and contractors for in-kind donations;
  • Produced blueprints to build the SkatePark which will ensure it is built and in use by the summer of 2013.   
OUR SKATEPARK IS COMPELLING AND WILL BENEFIT OUR COMMUNITY AND SURROUNDING AREA. As the only Aviva competitor in this region of the province, our SkatePark is an opportunity for Aviva to reach the Northeastern Ontario target audience.  In addition to providing a venue for BMX biking and skateboarding for area athletes, the state-of-the-art design will draw bikers and skaters from Timmins, North Bay, and Sudbury, providing a positive economic and tourism impact for Temiskaming Shores. 
Currently, our youth are being forced to improvise and use spaces not intended for boarding and BMX biking.  This SkatePark will help get our kids "off the streets", away from their electronic devices, and into a safe place where they will experience the results of a healthy active lifestyle.  Its location, in the midst of a recreational area, will serve as a healthy hub for youth to congregate outdoors. Many youth are already involved in the work behind making this a reality.

Youth from our area who leave school or are dealing with challenging at-home situations often feel alienated within small communities unable to offer many options for youth who do not easily fit in.  They are at risk of following the paths of others before them who flee to urban centres, and face dangers of making their way without adequate supports.  Our Park will offer a reason to stay in school and within our community. It will provide a sense of belonging and accomplishment - which is already developing from involvement this project. It will also foster a positive attitude and outlook for the future. Finally, this type of investment in our infrastructure will appeal to families considering relocation to the area.   

OUR SKATEPARK IS A LONG-TERM INVESTMENT IN OUR COMMUNITY This project will not require additional funding, as once built it will be maintained and handled by the City of Temiskaming Shores.  It will be constructed based on a quality design and the best materials, so is expected to be enjoyed by generations to come.  

WE ARE CONFIDENT THAT OUR SKATEPARK WILL BE A SUCCESS Thanks to the wide-spread support within our community and beyond, $250,000 has already been raised.  Young children fundraising at their birthday parties through to grandparents donating yard sale items and all ages in between through all manner of events, have contributed. A site has been selected, design is underway, and the City is assuming long-term responsibility.  Fundraising events continue to be planned, and we anticipate a further $20,000 will be generated by the end of January 2013. 

Such progress over a short period attests to our organizing committee’s ability to mobilize the community and get it done. A contribution of $150,000 through the generosity of Aviva will realize our goal.  

Thank you to Aviva, for so generously supporting community building and for providing such opportunity for so many worthwhile projects.