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Riehl skate park

ACF15773 E.L.Crossley 350 highway #20 Fonthill L0S 1E0

Created October 23, 2012 by Mariah Bunz


350 highway #20 Fonthill L0S 1E0

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


My name is Mariah Bunz and I am a student at E.L.Crossley Secondary school. Last week a terrible accident claimed the life of one of my fellow students. 14 year old Isaac Riehl was struck by a car while riding a skateboard. The accident put him in intensive care on life support. After 6 days, on the 22nd of October Isaac was taken off life support and passed away peacefully.

Isaacs parents made the decision to donate his organs, and as a result, Isaac has been able to save the lives of many people including a teenage boy who recieved Isaac's lungs shortly after his passing.

During his time in the hospital our school came together like never before: making signs, t-shirts, donations, cards, facebook pages, notes, anything we could do to help. Isaac was an outgoing, amazing true friend to all. He was one of those guys who got along with everyone and never complained about anything. He was a religious, true and honest boy and a athletic phenomenan. Today when the school learned of his passing emotions ran strong. We had grief consellors and many hugs everywhere. His older brother Jacob who is in grade 11 has been posting online and has been trying to stay strong.

My idea is for the money to go to creating a skate park in the community where skateboarders like Isaac can play safely. I propose that it be created in his name and be called the Riehl skate park, in honour of him.

Pelham is a small community of approximately 16,000 people, with a growing number of young adults.  The idea of a skateboard park was first developed twelve years ago and trying to get this idea off the ground has been slow.  Students have no where to go in the Pelham area for recreation and a large number of the students live in the outlying areas of Fonthill and need to travel to get together.  With the tragic death of Isaac it has become painfully obvious how important it is to get the youth off of the streets and into a safe haven.  The town of Pelham has rallied together with the strength and support of Issac's family and school to make Isaac's dream a reality.  The city council and mayor Dave Augustyn are behind the idea but with such a small community it is very difficult to come up with all of the funds.  With the help of Aviva we could build a safe haven for our youth and honour our friend by making his dream a reality.

Thank you for your time, I hope you choose this to be your million dollar idea!