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The Drawing Hope Project

ACF13912 The Drawing Hope Project Canada

Created September 27, 2012 by Shawn Van Daele



Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


What is The Drawing Hope Project?

The Drawing Hope Project is a multifaceted creative initiative that touches, changes, improves, and saves lives. No really, it truly is that amazing. 

Born from a desire to bring a bit of magic and joy to the lives of kids and their families who have been affected by serious illness, Shawn Van Daele combines his skills as a photographer and an artist with the talents and imaginations of these little heroes to create magical photos that will be included in a storybook designed to inspire HOPE.

Thus far the completed photos (check them out above!) have been met with tremendous success and support; not only do the pictures and moments spent capturing the magic bring such happiness to the kids and their families but they have caused a ripple through their communities, inspiring individuals to register as organ donors through the Trillium Gift of Life's campaign.

These photos start important conversations that raise awareness of rare diseases & the need for funding, continued research, and organ donors. See, I told you, The Drawing Hope Project is pretty amazing!

What Can Happen When You Draw Hope?

The HOPE that this project brings can bridge EVERY PROVINCE - creating a national, real-life storybook filled with incredible children that can inspire an ENTIRE COUNTRY.  It WILL save lives, inspire families, bring hope where it’s needed, and spark the creativity of our youth. 

Funding this project as a NATIONAL initiative where families from coast to coast can participate will help create a new national treasure - the imaginations of these children turned into real-life photographs starring themselves in a cross-country storybook can inspire a nation.  Funding will allow Shawn to visit kids in EVERY province in at LEAST 40 different communities.

How The Drawing Hope Project Works and How It Helps:

Children and their families have been sending drawings to Shawn at an incredible rate! He takes these mini masterpieces, gets to know the kids and their stories and then, through the magic of photography, Photoshop and a ton of creativity, brings their artwork to life. 

The Project is already making a positive impact. Further funding will allow this positive momentum to continue and expand. Growth of The Project will spread inspiration across Canada and will positively impact communities from coast to coast with the power to save lives.  Proceeds from the book are donated back into the communities of the children to charitable organizations of the families choosing.

Visit the website or Facebook page to follow the journey!

What People Are Saying:

“When you have a child that goes through a life threatening illness, every single picture is so very precious. Each picture you take captures a moment that can never be repeated. And when your child’s future is uncertain, there is nothing more valuable than those pictures to remind you of all those moments.” – Joanna (Mom of Ryley, “The Queen of Hearts”, Transplant Recipient) 

“For a few moments in time, you have made us forget about all the terrible things our children have gone through, reminding us that our kids can do anything and their future's will be magical! You have given us hope and strength !” – Shelley (Mom of Owen, “The Emperor of Penguins”, Transplant Recipient) 

“The (children) get to be superheros, fairies, princesses, kings, ninjas, and captains of their very own ships! What could be better! Personally, for our son and our gave us such joy and shone our boy in a light that we will cherish forever, that showed his inner strength and determination to beat a horrible disease” – Shannon (Mom of Chance, “The Captain”, Currently fighting a rare form of Leukemia)

Who I Am:

I’m Shawn Van Daele, photographer & artist, and I have been traveling to meet families & children living with conditions ranging from organ transplants to Down Syndrome to rare forms of cancer & everything in between.  This has been the most challenging and rewarding work of my professional career. Turning childrens' imaginations into reality allows each child to become a fantastic character of their own design inspiring HOPE, not just for them, but for their families and their entire community. 

Owner of Renaissance Studios Photography, I'm the father of 3 awesome Boston Terriers, and am a hopeful philanthropist, artist, and pay-it-forward-er.

Looking Forward and How YOU Can Help:

This project has the power to save lives! These kids have the power to change the future for so many other families and communities in Canada. 

Vote for The Drawing Hope Project to go nationwide, including families from every province, from multiple communities - and the magic can spread from coast to coast.

Thank you for your time and vote!