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Rescue for Life - Spay/Neuter Initiatives

ACF13908 Rescue for Life Spruce Grove

Created September 27, 2012 by Rachel Glube


Spruce Grove

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


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Rescue for Life - a registered Alberta non-profit - is a companion animal no-kill rescue group operated out of Spruce Grove, Alberta. We adopt to all over Western Canada! We focus mainly on First Nation’s animals requiring assistance.  We rely solely on volunteers and donations.

We work in communities that have hundreds to thousands of unfixed dogs and cats that are suffering the consequences of overpopulation – starvation, disease, dog aggression problems, and other standard issues associated with unfixed populations. It is not uncommon for packs of stray dogs to fight over garbage or to gang up on each other in an attempt to get their next meal.  There is so much pain and sadness for people and animals alike when pet populations are out of control.   A healthy human animal bond is very important to the wellness of a community. We are bonded to animals, and they to us. The state of their care is a reflection of a community’s well-being. This cause is as much about helping people as it about helping animals.

We have three initiatives:
(1)  Removing/rehoming unwanted pets:  To date for 2012,  approximately 170 animals have been rescued from the communities we work in - all are spayed/neutered and receive full vet care.  All animals are fostered until adopted.  We are a no-kill rescue. 

(2)  Responsible pet ownership education: We are actively involved in educating the general public about responsible pet ownership including the importance of spaying/neutering.  We also provide handouts covering food selection, shelter requirements, the effects of chaining and animal abuse, dog aggression and behavior, the benefits of spaying/neutering, and many other topics.

(3)  Spay/neuter initiatives: All animals adopted through Rescue for Life are spayed/neutered.  We also provide discounted spay/neuter procedures to families in the communities we work in.  In addition, we  have completed spay/neuter clinics and are currently planning mini clinics with our veterinary partners.  If we can raise the funds our goal is to purchase a spay/neuter van that can provide on-site veterinary care in these rural communities.   

We are proud of the partnerships we are building with community members and veterinary partners who continue to work with us and are excited about our 2013 spay/neuter and education initiatives. Rescue for Life volunteers not only enjoy the satisfaction that comes from saving animals, they build lasting friendships and develop an awareness of some of the challenges faced by many First Nation communities.  

The goal is to reduce the suffering caused by overpopulation by getting to the root of the problem, which is a lack of spayed and neutered animals. Spaying and neutering the majority of these animals will aid in keeping the population under control in a humane way. Coupled with education and removing/rehoming the unwanted animals our goal is to provide effective long-term changes. 

Did you know…
· For every one dog we bring in about seven die waiting to come in.
· The majority of our rescues – mainly dogs but some cats too – come from First Nation communities. Some are strays and some are owner surrenders.
· We provide 300-500lbs of donated food each week in an effort to keep animals alive that are waiting to come in! Even this amount of food does not touch the problem. We have given out over 20,000 lbs of food this year so far!
· Many of our dogs are severely malnourished when they first come in, due to overpopulation issues in the communities. Many have injuries requiring extensive surgeries.
·  We promote and educate people on responsible pet ownership and the importance of spaying and neutering.

2012 Year Stats so far:

·         Veterinarian Care: $90,000
·         Additional Supplies and Services: $35,000
·         Transportation of Animals: $10,000
·         Education: $1,500
·         Advertising: $1,500

For 2013, Rescue for Life, is planning to further develop all three initiatives.  If we win the $50,000 this will go directly to our spay/neuter initiatives - clinics, providing subsidized discounted spay/neuter surgeries, and a portion going to a spay/neuter van!

Vote today!  You can help make a change!