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Happy Valley Goose Bay SPCA

ACF13778 JENNIFER BAYER ATTON Winnipeg Street Happy Valley-Goose Bay Labrador

Created September 26, 2012 by JENNIFER BAYER ATTON


Winnipeg Street Happy Valley-Goose Bay Labrador

Funding Level

$50k - $100k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


The Happy Valley Goose Bay SPCA is a non-profit animal care facility that is completely run by volunteers. The organization is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and Executive with valued assistance from volunteers, supporters and foster families. The Happy Valley Goose Bay SPCA services all of Labrador from Nain and right on through to the Straits. The HVGB SPCA shelter offers the following services – -a shelter for animals that are lost, abandoned, hurt, abused, neglected, orphaned or given up for adoption -they investigate all complaints and cases of animal abuse and neglect -they deliver notices to owners who allow or keep their pets outside in extreme weather conditions -they find suitable, loving homes for unwanted and orphaned animals -they issue pet I.D. tags and micro-chipping for all of the animals that are adopted -they keep computerized records of all adoption, surrenders, etc. The HVGB SPCA is funded through public donations and the proceeds from fundraising events. The costs are substantial and any and all help is appreciated. The HVGB SPCA is in desperate need of a new shelter building. The current shelter is old and very small. It is too small to keep up, with what is needed. There is a tiny cat room and only six dog kennels which are approx. 4x12 in size. The bathroom, kitchen and laundry area are in one small room. The reception area is small as well and is sometimes used as a cat room due to overflow in the other rooms. The inside area for the dogs to play in is very small as well. Although the outside, fenced in area is quite large,100x200, the extreme cold and deep snow in the winter prevents the animals from staying outside for too long, so this space is utilized only part of the year. Over the past eleven years, this SPCA has rescued and adopted out thousands of dogs & puppies and cats & kittens and even a snake, giving them a chance to know a loving home instead of a life wrought with abuse, neglect, hunger and pain; a life of misery. The HVGB SPCA has wonderful partnerships with the R.C.M.P. and other SPCA’s in Newfoundland and other animal rescue groups in Atlantic Canada. For an example, Litters n’ Critters, an animal rescue group in Halifax, Nova Scotia helped assist this SPCA with adoption of our animals to good homes in that province. Last July, FedEx generously assisted in flying out sixty-five puppies and older dogs to Halifax. There was a summer embargo in effect which prohibited any live animals from being flown in air cargo and the HVGB SPCA was over flowing with animals. FedEx came to the rescue in a very, very big way. Litters n’ Critters people and a small army of foster families and volunteers met the animals at the Stanfield Halifax International Airport with open arms. The current SPCA shelter is not able to fulfill the enormous need to help save the lives of neglected, abused, abandoned, orphaned and stray dogs & puppies and cats & kittens. The shelter is not able to accomplish their desired commitment to the Labrador region without a new building. The Happy Valley Goose Bay SPCA’s mandate and goals will not only benefit the animals but will benefit the whole of Labrador by helping to reduce the over population of animals. This will therefore reduce costs incurred by animal control and animal humane service divisions, in local communities and municipalities.
There is a row of pictures here that show the great need, the pain & the suffering and some bright hope for the animals that are helped by the Happy Valley Goose Bay SPCA. There is a heart breaking video as well which shows a very small part of what is dealt with at this shelter all year around.

Please visit the website for an in depth view of what this shelter is all about.

Thank you for your help in moving us forward, in the AVIVA Community Fund competition.

____________________________________________________________________ Saving one animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal… ____________________________________________________________________