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Undercurrent Youth Centre

ACF13765 David Sawler Glace Bay

Created September 25, 2012 by David Sawler


Glace Bay

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Undercurrent Youth Centre - Phase 2

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Undercurrent Youth Centre opened less than two years ago in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. This in an area which has been plagued with severe addiction issues, alcohol abuse, and hopelessness amongst youth for some time. Undercurrent exists to change this situation and help our youth make positive decisions, get help with addiction problems, have healthy alternatives to spend their time on, and to spend time with great mentors.

At this time, only phase one of the youth centre is complete. Despite that fact, this past year we have averaged 250 - 350 in our programs on a weekly basis. 

Over six years ago, our community, volunteers, and friends from all over Canada, began coming together to help with this project. Presently, we are between 80 - 90% complete on the building project for the youth centre.  We had a building given to us and we spent four years gutting, raising the funds, and building to get Phase 1 open two years ago.

Our dream is to see this facility reach its full potential. We are asking you to help us complete the construction and fully equip this centre.  This is a facility that is making an incredible difference in the lives of many youth and we want to be able to double the amount of youth attending the programs on a weekly basis. This is an opportunity to see a whole community, and area, receive new hope and direction for a whole generation of young people. By completing Phase 2 we believe this will be possible.

Visit the Undercurrent Youth Centre Facebook Group to see pictures and videos at -

Project Goal

To complete the construction of Undercurrent and fully equip the facility.  This new space and equipment will include a music / concert room, lunch room, games room, and also to finish our recreation area.
We will adding a sound system to enable youth / all ages shows. 
Expanding our indoor skateboarding park and program. Purchasing sound and musical instruments for those who cannot afford their own. We will be adding space for food prep / storage so we can provide snacks / etc for kids in programs who need assistance with meals. We will also be adding an outdoor basketball, park area on the property. There is still some needed work on the exterior of the building. To help subsidize our Undercurrent Coordinator for one year.

Our History

It took four years of work and fundraising from a huge group of people to make this dream a reality. Undercurrent has received donations, grants, and in-kind donation of labor easily valued over $500,000 to this point. We are so thankful for the help we have received. This has also showed how many people in this community, areas, in government have been behind, and believed in this centre. It also speaks to the need and why this is such a worth while project.

What is Undercurrent

Undercurrent exists to provide;

Mentorship by youth workers and qualified volunteers.

A centre that offers a diverse set of programs and recreational opportunities for children and youth. Including (but not limited to) basketball, floor hockey, indoor soccer, volleyball, skateboarding, rock climbing, music lessons, drama, arts programs, hang out areas, games, special events, camps, humanitarian trips, etc.
An environment free of alcohol, drugs, bullying, profanity,  and negative influences.

Programs for youth and parents to help them learn life lessons, new skills, and how to better their community.