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Joe's Place-Hungry For Hope

  • Submitted by:

    Joe Dueck


    Joe's Place Youth Centre


    Moose Jaw, SK

  • Idea Created:

    October 15, 2009

    Community Size:




WHO ARE WE? For 15 years, Joe’s Place -Generation Hope Youth Inc. (www.joesplaceyouthcentre.ca) has been providing hope for youth who are hungry to be mentored, challenged and given opportunities regardless of race, religion or income level. Although Joe’s Place started small in a warehouse apartment, the donation of a 24 000 sq/ft building has made us one of Canada’s largest youth centres. We are a non-profit, registered charity and rely on donations to keep running. We provide a safe and fun environment on weekend nights that includes video games, pool tables, music and events. A 30-foot tall, 4 sided climbing wall challenges youth to achieve new heights. In addition to drop-in nights, Joe’s Place offers work skills training, small groups, a teen mom’s support group and a dance team. We sponsor youth to attend camps and retreats as well as day trips to various sporting and community events. We are focused on relationships and committed to building character and leadership skills in youth.

WE NEED A KITCHEN TO FEED OUR YOUTH! Youth are the future of our nation and are hungry to be mentored, challenged and given opportunities. We strive to meet these needs and realize that healthy food is an integral part of this. The need for food in our programs has continued to grow as our programs expand but we do not have a kitchen in our building. Volunteers currently prepare food off site and transport this hot and messy cargo to Joe’s Place in their vehicles. After these meals are fed to hungry and thankful youth, the dirty dishes have to be transported off site to be washed. The community has responded to this need and we have a generous donation of commercial kitchen equipment waiting to be installed. We need money to install this equipment, renovate the kitchen and café area, and hire a part-time staff to supervise this project. Not only will this help us to feed our hungry youth, but we hope to use this kitchen for sustainability fundraising and to train our youth in restaurant work skills. We do not have the money to make this project happen without your support!

WHAT WILL IT ACHIEVE? 1. Hungry youth will be fed and better able to participate in our many programs. 2. Youth will be given hope through special events like our Christmas banquet. 3. Sales from this new kitchen will help create sustainability funding. 4. Youth will gain work skills. 5. As youth gain hope through mentorship, new opportunities and work skills, they become leaders in the community and contribute to a brighter future for all.

SUSTAINABILITY PLAN The installation of this donated equipment and this new café area will allow us to start running fundraising lunches on weekdays. This will bring in downtown business people who can tour our facility to see all the ways in which we help the youth of Moose Jaw. So, not only will this lead to income from food sales, but will raise public awareness leading to an increase in support and donations. We will also be applying for employment grants to cover future staffing.

WE ONLY NEED $49 999 FROM THE AVIVA COMMUNITY FUND For most people to take on a project of this magnitude the cost would be upwards of $200 000. With the amount of volunteer labour, in-kind & cash donations and discounts that we receive from our faithful supporters we believe we will be able to accomplish this project with only $49 999. Without funding from Aviva this project will not happen!




Architectural drawings, Restaurant Kitchen Consultants, Signage, Building Permits, Inspections =

$8800 ($5500 Worth Donated)


EQUIPMENT / BUILDING MATERIALS Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Air Exchange System, Lumber, Drywall, Lighting, Paint, Cabinets, Counters =

$118 500 ($100,000 Worth Donated) Commercial Kitchen Equipment.

INSTALATION / LABOUR General Construction, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas Lines, Roof Venting, Flooring =

$11 000 ($1 500 Worth Donated)


EQUIPMENT / BUILDING MATERIALS Tables, Chairs, Booths, Lighting, Replace 4 Large (8ft x 8ft) Broken Windows, Double Doors For Fire Escape, 6 x Job Search/Resume Computers =

$20 500 ($4 000 Worth Donated)

INSTALATION AND LABOUR General Construction, Electrical, Flooring =

$5 100 ($1 300 Worth Donated)

OPERATING (STAFFING/ SUPPLIES) Kitchen/Youth Jobskills Supervisor, 2 Jobskills/Resume Staff, 7 Serving Staff, Cooking, Baking & Serving Supplies =

$25 100 ($25 100 Worth Covered By Volunteer Labour, Grants & Fundraising Lunches)



In-Kind/Volunteer Donations $128 400

Employment Grant $ 6 000

Fundraising Lunches $ 3 000

Cash Donations Already Given $ 1 601

Aviva Community Fund $ 49 999