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2011 Winner

Yorkton Skateboard, Bike and Walking Park

ACF11570 Dave Nussbaumer Brodie Ave Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Created September 29, 2011 by Dave Nussbaumer


Brodie Ave Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


**Saskatchewan, Where Good Things Happen!** Attached please find our updated submission for the Aviva Community Fund contest. There was some hesitation in choosing a category when submitting our project as it falls into the criteria of more than one of the proposed categories. - Neighbourhood - Health - Well-Being - Youth All excellent categories; however as we needed to choose one we opted for the “Youth” category. We chose this category simply because **_young people_** are the future! Included in our submission you will find the following: **Video Messages:** - Premier Brad Wall - Joan McCusker - Dave Rodney - Jarret Stoll **Support letters from:** - Mayor of Yorkton, James Wilson. - Saskatchewan Party MLA, Greg Ottenbreit. - S/SGT Joe Milburn of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. - A letter of support from the Yorkton Alliance of Asset Champions. **Our Story:** The City of Yorkton is in the midst of a major downtown revitalization as a result of losses suffered from a catastrophic flood on July 1st, 2010. The flood affected over one third of our city’s residents including the downtown core and its many businesses including the McDonald’s and Dairy Queen Restaurants, both of which were total losses. After 15 months of being out of business both restaurants are now operational again. Situated between these two businesses is Brodie Avenue. There were 14 dwellings on this avenue and all of them suffered extensive damage to the point where they were deemed irreparable. The City of Yorkton was faced with a predicament! Do the homeowners rebuild in the same location and run the risk of future flooding or do they work with the residents in helping them purchase homes and relocate to other areas of the city which would leave the city the option to deal with Brodie Avenue properly. They chose the latter. Thus the creation of the now proposed Brodie Avenue Redevelopment Project. This project will consist of rebuilding the entire street to a “green space” consisting of a catch basin and park area to protect against future loss of property from flooding. When funding becomes available a future skateboard/bike park will be integrated into the project. This project is more than a skateboard/bike/rollerblade park. This facility will be here for many years and it will allow young people to go outside and get active, help them develop social skills and most importantly let them be kids while they can! Skateboard/Bike parks have a long history of being utilized and in fact TSN is now covering skateboarding on a regular basis; a testament to the longevity and sustainability of this activity. Due to the importance of prevention of any future flooding the financial commitment from the City of Yorkton is currently targeted for the “Catch Basin/Park” portion of the Brodie Avenue Redevelopment Program. Unfortunately, the Skateboard/Bike Park is currently penciled in as a “future consideration”; however, should our contest submission be successful the City of Yorkton is prepared to match the $150,000.00 prize and get the project started immediately! The shortfall would be made up through donations from the private sector. (Please see attached letter from the Mayor of Yorkton). The cost and timelines of the entire project are as follows: - $2.3 million for the catch basin and parkway (currently underway) - $400,000 for landscaping and trees and walking paths (spring/summer 2012) - $350,000 for the Skateboard/Bike/Rollerblade park (City has committed $150,000 if the Aviva community fund project is successful and a completion date of fall of 2012) The City of Yorkton is prepared to start this project in the early spring of 2012 and have it completed by the fall of 2012. Discussions are currently underway between the City of Yorkton and park designers in the event that we are successful with our bid to win with the “Aviva Community Fund” contest. In review of our submission a question was asked about the “originality” of this idea. After looking at all of the facts it is clear that this one of the most unique ideas in the contest due to the complexity of the project. This idea has no limitations on who it affects nor an expiry date. It is for all generations! The benefits to youth through activity and personal development are incalculable but have been well documented. Our City is committed to the upkeep and ongoing maintenance of this project. It is also unique that an entire downtown sector of a City will no longer be affected by any future flooding potentially saving millions of dollars in property damage as well as preventing personal hardship. Respectfully submitted by: Dave Nussbaumer, CAIB Farrell Agencies Ltd. The City of Yorkton Tucker Chornomud Chairperson Yorkton Skateboard Association Nathan Grayston Co-Chair Yorkton Skateboard Association