Emma's Acres: Reintegration, Restoration and Food Security

ACF32163 Created September 15, 2015 by L.I.N.C. (Long-term Inmates Now in the Community) Society Mission, BC, Canada

Community Resilience

Funding Level
$0 - $50,000

Community Impact
100 - 1,000 people

Idea Overview

Emma’s Acres is an agricultural social enterprise business located in the District of Mission that is managed by the L.I.N.C. Society ( Employing victims/survivors, ex-offenders and offenders, vegetables, herbs and fruits are grown naturally without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers on property leased to L.I.N.C. by the District of Mission. 

With 4.5 acres cleared thus far and  two 95 by 36 foot heated greenhouses in place , Emma’s Acres will be the first small lot farmer in the District growing all year round and selling locally to the Mission City Farmers’ Market, the Deroche Farmers Market and to local businesses. Some of the produce is also donated to local non-profit societies in Mission including the food banks and the community kitchen. The proceeds of the sales at Emma’s Acres goes towards funding the L.I.N.C. Society’s work in the community, in particular its work with survivors of serious crime.

The lasting legacy of the project is how offenders and ex-offenders can make a significant contribution to food security and thus to society. The most important promising practice thus far has been is how L.I.N.C., the wider community, our partners and victims have been working together. The project inspires hope in people. 

We are needing to upgrade our drip irrigation, get electricity to the site, so we can build our cold storage.  The soil needs to be amended with lime, compost and manure to boost production.  This will cost us approximately $45,000.00 in total.

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