A new Youth Centre for underpriviledged youth in West Kelowna!

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    Amanda Geering


    West Kelowna Youth Centre


    West Kelowna

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    September 24, 2013


    Large ($100K - 150K)

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    More than 1,000

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Recently our community centre and youth centre burnt down leaving many people very heart broken. People have lost there wedding venues and meeting centre and our youth have lost a place to hang out when there is no where else to go. Storefront School was also in this building which now leaves those kids without their school as well. Our youth centre provided T.V.s, computers, games, snacks, friends, and a free meal for misguided and underprivileged youth. Our town like many is full of teens with not much to do but get into drugs and alcohol, they had very little to do as it is but now that the youth centre is gone things have gotten worse. I used to be one of the troubled teens that went to the youth centre for salvation and a shoulder to cry on. I know a lot of people who did as well and we need a new and improved place for the community. I would love to see an arcade or bowling alley put in our town along with a new youth centre. Then not only will teens have their hangout but families in general will to. Here is a link to the newscast about the fire as well as a video

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