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    Ethel Sonier


    Blackville, New Brunswick

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    October 18, 2012


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    More than 1,000

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Blackville is a small village nestled in the heart of God's country, NB. (At least that's what we call it!) In our community and the local surrounding area (about 3000 people) would ALL benefit from an indoor pool. 

Our community is located at 41.4 km away from the nearest public pool. 
(And that's one way!)

Living in a rural community, there tends to be few activities for youth. For most, going to the movies, going shopping, swimming, bowling, requires a drive into the City of Miramichi. Our community needs to have activities in-town, especially for our youth.Not all families can afford to travel this distance.

Many of our children are missing out on the health benefits and safety benefits of learning how to swim. Even better, having a swimming pool helps our community promote a healthy living lifestyle to our children.  Children who participate in sports are less likely to become involved in a drug or alcohol lifestyle, do better at school, and are generally healthier!

AND, swimming is not just for kids! It is an activity that everyone can enjoy, young and old! Swimming is generally a great form of exercise. It has been proven to be especially good for people suffering with Arthritis. It's great for our heart and muscles! It reduces stress, and has many benefits for our health.

Help us help our community! Vote for a Blackville Community Pool!

                 Vote for our community! Vote for our kids!

Credit for photos goes to the photographer for the Village of Blackville website.

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