Dream playground for Parkdale's kids.

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    Susan Armstrong & Tanya Williams



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    October 3, 2012


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    More than 1,000

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Masaryk Park is right in the middle of Parkdale. Parkdale is a very dense neighbourhood in downtown Toronto with thousands of young families. 39% of the population lives in a hi-rise building and 36% of the population lives in a lo-rise apartment building.*  Masaryk park is next to our community center and our library. It is our main community gathering space and hosts a wonderful community garden which supports all kinds of youth programming.

Unfortunately the rest of the park is rundown and unsafe for our kids. Because of the poor design and its aging infrastructure there are many blind spots that have created a gathering place for people drinking and taking drugs. The playground structure is in urgent need of replacement.  Broken railings have been replaced with plywood.  The surfaces are covered in grafitti.  The sand in the playground is dirty. The few benches that exist are missing pieces so that they are not inviting to sit on.  The two garbage receptacles at the entrance to the park are always overflowing and have become an informal dumping ground.   See the pics.

Parkdale is famous in Toronto for its diversity.  This is something that Parkdalians are very proud of. People live here from all types of backgrounds. We would love to see our public spaces reflect this feeling of community spirit. We have been told by the Parks department that Masaryk is not on the list for any type of upgrade. This is disheartening to us when we see parks in more affluent parts of the city get remodeled even when there are fewer residents with more mobility.

We would simply like a safe and clean place for us to gather.  We would like a space that Parkdalians can take their children to without having to worry about the dangers of a broken play structure or garbage in the sandbox or people gathering to drink...  We know it's possible and we hope that we can one day see our dream playground.

Thanks from all of us for your consideration!

*City of Toronto Ward Profiles

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