BMX Race Track

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    Manitoba Cycling Association Inc


    Manitoba Cycling Association Inc


    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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    September 24, 2012


    Large ($100K - 150K)

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    Between 100 - 1,000

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The Manitoba Cycling Association is eager to build a world class BMX (bicycle motocross) racetrack in Winnipeg. The racetrack will enable youth of all ages, abilities, and economic and social backgrounds to pursue not only an Olympic sport, but a positive pastime that will promote a healthy, active lifestyle.  

BMX made its debut as an Olympic sport in the 2008 Games in Beijing.  The sport encompasses fast-paced track events and participant and spectator interest has grown significantly over the past few years.  Our objective is to host formal competitions and National events and a track centrally located in Canada will attract competitors from Eastern and Western Canada as well as the USA. The facility will be an "open" facility meaning full and free access to the track when a competition or formal training session is not being held. 

Why a BMX track?
-Fits the need of youth culture
-Provides a safe, exciting, and challenging place for both girls and boys of all ages to ride their bikes.
 -Encourages a healthy, active lifestyle.
-Creates economic benefits to the community at large
-Fosters interest, participation,  and excellence in sport

A central urban location accessible by bike trails has been identified for the location of the BMX track.  BMX bicycles and safety equipment have been purchased with the focus of providing equipment for underprivileged youth who would like an opportunity to participate and be part of the BMX racing programming. Partnerships are in place and we have the support from local politicians and agencies concerned with youth and community development.  Additional funding to construct the track is needed and we are reaching out to the community for help us make this vision a reality ! 

Whether a BMX race track promotes a new source of family recreation or helps develop a new grassroots "made in Manitoba" Olympian, we are confident that it will bring a community together and introduce a new mode of cycling to our province that will see the same growth and success that has been witnessed across the country.

Thank you in advance for your support.





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