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IDEA #11296

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Stony Plain Health & Wellness Park (Outdoor Fitness Park)

Unfortunately, this idea did not get enough votes to make it into the Finals. But, you can make a cash donation to the charity associated with this idea . More Info

About This Idea:


Small (up to $50K)



Posted by: Melide Mackee

Organization: The Rotary Club of Parkland After Dark

Location: Stony Plain Alberta

Idea Created: September 27, 2011


Our town, Stony Plain, has amazing community spirit and has embraced our project to build an Out Door Green Gym for the Community. $50,000 will be just enough to build the park, early spring/summer!! The Aviva Community Fund is exactly what we need to create a more healthy and active community! The initial creation of the Out Door Green Gym Health and Wellness Park will be accessible and free to all! The Rotary Club of Parkland After Dark is committed to add on to this park by installing more Out Door Green Gym equipment through out our trail system in our community on an annual basis and then spread into our neighboring community Spruce Grove. The Town of Stony Plain, along with the Rotary Club of Parkland After Dark, have stepped up to help with installation, and on going maintenance & landscaping. We are also very excited to mention that the company we are ordering the equipment from is a Canadian Company in Nova Scotia. All equipment was made in Canada , by Canadians, and with Canadian materials! Keeping it Canadian!!

There is an excitement and buzz in our community from all ages and we are very appreciative of the chance to participate in such a great contest. Aviva is doing an amazing part, for our communities locally and all over Canada.

Stage one – The Health and Wellness Park would include the following:

1 Large Park Sign -1 Triple Stepper, Elliptical, 1 Air Skier, 1 Corefit #1, 1 Warm Up and Stretch Station, 2 Leg Presses, 1 Double Tai Chi, 1 Hand and Leg Bike, 1 Chest Press ,1 Seated Back Row, 1 Triple Push Up & Dips, 1 Double Chin Ups and Dips, 1 Hip Abductor/Inductor, Recumbent Bike, Rowing Machine

The ballpark cost of Stage One, The Health and Wellness Park is as follows:

The Equipment Package w/ delivery - $35,700 Foundation on Concrete Pad w/ Rubber tiles - $15 We have partnered with the Town of Stony Plain, who are donating the land and labour to install the park!! This would bring the total estimated completion cost to -$ 51,000

We feel that an outdoor fitness park in our community would promote and encourage a more healthly life style for all ages and fitness levels.

With ongoing plans for stage two, the development of small outdoor fitness centers along the trail system, we can encourage continued Health awareness within our community well into the future.

******Please Vote for a Healthy & Fit Community. Vote for our Outdoor Fitness Park in Stony Plain Alberta!!******

Broker Supported - Melide Mackee - Drayden Insurance Ltd. Spruce Grove Alberta.


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