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IDEA #11114

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Solar Powered Stir Fries

Unfortunately, this idea did not get enough votes to make it into the Finals. But, you can make a cash donation to the charity associated with this idea . More Info

About This Idea:


Medium ($50K - 100K)



Posted by: Children's Teaching Kitchen

Organization: City of Toronto

Location: High Park, Toronto, Ontario

Idea Created: September 26, 2011


Let the SUN shine in and help us teach children how to cook fresh veggies and make healthy, nutritious meals using clean, renewable energy to power our appliances (and yes, even recharge the camp cell phones!). Construction of the High Park Children’s Teaching Kitchen is currently underway. This amazing City of Toronto eco facility is being built with plastered straw bale walls, in-floor radiant heating, high efficiency windows and doors and a green roof. These features will help create a building that is extremely energy efficient.

Once complete we hope to power our building with green energy by using photovoltaic (solar) panels. Solar energy is what powers the earth. Without it our High Park Children’s Garden wouldn’t grow! Solar generated electricity is a clean, abundant and renewable source of energy. Solar panels convert the Sun’s energy into electricity and would allow us to cook, learn, teach and grow while keeping our planet and community healthy.

When fossil fuels like oil and coal are burned to produce electricity, they leave behind millions of tiny particles and harmful gasses in the air that add to air pollution. This air pollution can contribute to and worsen heart and lung diseases ( By educating children and adults on the importance of clean, renewable energy sources, we can help people and the planet breathe easier.

The Children’s Teaching Kitchen, located at the High ParkChildren’s Garden , will provide us with programming space and will also function as an educational tool for students and community members to learn from and explore. Voting for the Children’s Garden and Exploring Toronto Programs will help us power the Kitchen with an array of solar panels. Using solar panels will help us teach children and community members about the importance of using clean, renewable energy sources.

The Children’s Garden and Exploring Toronto Programs currently run a variety of environmental education programs in organic gardening and urban ecology. With the addition of the Children’s Teaching Kitchen, we will now be able to add sustainable building to our list of programs. By voting for us you will help us add renewable energy programs and workshops to that list.

The Children’s Garden and Exploring Toronto Programs’ are striving to bring their vision to life "Imagine our City’s future led by a generation of gardeners and naturalists". Add to that a generation well versed in clean energy and sustainable building and you have a sunny future indeed.


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