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IDEA #10971

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Animal Shelter Facilities Upgrade

Unfortunately, this idea did not receive enough votes to make it to the Semi-Finals. » See all semi-finalists.

About This Idea:


Large ($100K - 150K)



Posted by: Loyalist Humane Society

Location: Picton, Ontario

Idea Created: September 26, 2011


The Need/Overview:

In the heart of Prince Edward County, a picturesque island community located on the north shore of L. Ontario two hours east of Toronto, hundreds of tiny hearts are longing to find their “forever home”. They belong to the animals sheltered by the Loyalist Humane Society (LHS), a charitable group organized & run by a dedicated core of volunteers, whose loving & generous hearts strive to provide a better future for animals in their care. The Society receives no funding from any source; only donations & exhaustive fundraising efforts keep LHS afloat. Our project is the upgrading of the dreary, rundown building, a former casket factory, which we use as our Animal Reception Centre.

When animals are brought to the Society, they come to this building to be examined, documented & kept until they are able to be released into the general population. The building is only usable in three seasons as it is not heated, there are no washing facilities & it is poorly lit. To bring it up to adequate standards, new windows, doors, lighting, insulation, heating, plumbing & various repairs to the roof are required. Our hope is that it can be upgraded to a clean, energy efficient place where animals can be received, cleaned up, documented & quarantined, our volunteers can work & our records, which are currently kept in the homes of volunteers, can be housed. This is a costly venture which is presently unattainable.

Who We Are:

The Loyalist Humane Society was incorporated in 1999. In 2001 we had only 10 members. Since then, we have grown to 400 paid members in a municipality of 20,000 souls. Our objectives are:

Prevention of cruelty to animals through the operation of a shelter for animals in need

Adoption & fostering services for abandoned & stray animals

Investigation of animal abuse or cruelty

Establishment of a spaying/neutering program

Education of the public on the care of pets

We provide food, shelter, medical care & spay/neuter animals as required. From 2004 -2010, we spayed/ neutered 1456 cats.

Our organization which runs ENTIRELY WITH VOLUNTEERS. There are NO paid employees. We raise money by having yard sales, bake sales, tag days, silent auctions, concerts, dinners, teen dances, aluminum can drives, liquor bottle collections & by accepting donations from animal lovers in our community both corporate & private. We run a shelter primarily for cats. It is a NO KILL shelter meaning that we do not euthanize any animals except for humane reasons. Our dogs & other animals are fostered to private homes. We serve the Municipality of Prince Edward County including the town of Picton. Unfortunately, because this area is a summer tourist haven, especially at the beautiful Sandbanks on L. Ontario, we find that it is also a dumping place for unwanted animals when the season is over. Therefore we are not only solving problems caused by our own residents, but those of some vacationers. We have rescued cats, dogs, rabbits, pot bellied pigs & horses.

Our motto is “Please help those who cannot help themselves.”

Our Community

A refurbished Animal Reception Centre would give us better visibility in the community, allowing us spread the word of caring practices for animals. It would also help to maintain & increase support that we receive by providing tours of our facility to greater effect & attracting more interest in our adoption days.
We are well known in the community & involved in many activities for our mutual benefit:

1.Our program “Seniors for Seniors” matches a human “senior” with one of our “senior” feline residents, at no cost.
2. We produce an attractive, informative newsletter four times a year. It contains updates on activities & fundraising events, stories about animals that we have rescued, available animals, statistics, a Vet's Corner & pet care topics. 3. High school students gain valuable work experience at our faciility through the co-operative education program. 4. Many students fill their mandatory volunteer hours for community service at our shelter too. 5. An E-Trash Bash was recently held at the high school. Electronic waste was collected & sold to raise money for LHS. 6. Recently acquired microchip technology allows us to scan anmals to determine ownership & reunite them with their owners & also track animals that have been adopted.

We feel that our initiatives promote volunteerism & foster the betterment of our community educationally, environmentally & socially.

In the words of Gandhi, "The greatness of a nation & its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."


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