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Monkeys in our Midst

Supporting Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary
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Have other ideas?

Posted by: Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary

Organization: Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary

Location: Sunderland, Ontario

Idea Created: September 26, 2011


Did you know that there is an immediate need in our community to care for monkeys born and bred in Canada?

Did you know that community education and outreach is important to the health and welfare of primates and people?

As shocking as it may seem, there are monkeys at-risk at the hands of breeders, traders and "pet" owners right in our midst. Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary is a place of safety and dignity for monkeys rescued and retired from sub-standard roadside zoos, entertainment and research.

Currently, twenty-four primates live at the sanctuary, where they are cared for by a strong team of dedicated, knowledgeable volunteers.

There is a huge need across Canada to:

  • educate the public about the plight of captive primates,

  • raise awareness about the risks and hazards, both to humans and to primates of having monkeys as pets,

  • work with other animal protection organization to assist abused monkeys, and

  • provide a sanctuary for animals whose lives have been forever changed at the hands of humans.

At Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary, we need to increase our space to help monkeys in our midst who are in dire need. This will be done by additional housing and upgrading the existing sanctuary space to provide tropical-like warmth in the winter. Upgrades will include greater energy efficiency, structural enrichment, more spaces to climb, walkways and stairs for older monkeys. New construction will include additional housing for 20-40 monkeys.

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