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Valhalla's Sustainability Learning Centre near Montreal

ACF19121 Valhalla La Prairie, QC J5R 0K8

Created November 11, 2013 by Vivian


La Prairie, QC J5R 0K8

Funding Level

$50k - $100k (< 2014)

Community Size

Between 100 - 1,000


Imagine learning about sustainability in a classroom heated only by the sun,

or having a snack from food grown in the middle of winter from the building’s own greenhouse. What about a place that teaches how to create forests of food that not only provide food for you and everyone you love, but also restores lost forest habitats?

We are Valhalla and We are Building an Education Centre to launch a community based approach to Environmental Awareness.

Often, we loose sight of the important and delicate relationship that exists between a healthy environment and strong communities. And too often ecological awareness focuses on problems rather than on the ways we can work together to make a difference.    We have acres of land located just 20 minutes from downtown Montreal, and our vision is to build a learning centre where members of the greater Montréal community can come learn about sustainable living.

Here we will build practical skills, teaching courses on topics like permaculture gardening, eco-construction, beekeeping, and more.   Already partnered with organizations such as P3 Permaculture Design, Valhalla will attract hands-on expertise to teach skills to a broad audience, networking learners with experts.  This approach will spread awareness and knowledge of the environment as much as inspire collaborative solutions—and many of our classes will focus on skills people will continue to use in their own backyards.  

The goal is empowerment -

to build a community network of people through shared positive environmental experiences.   These fun and interactive outdoor programs are geared to spark community members’ passion and creativity--while fostering care and respect for the earth.

With the construction of an Earthship greenhouse this last year, we’ve already brought together a large group of volunteers and community members.  They are excited, and ready to do more—the only obstacle?    We need an indoor space to host them year-round.

Building a community center would provide this space. 

We’re calling it ‘The Barn”, and this is where we will be able to run our organization’s educational programs; these include classes with permaculture and mycology experts, workshops on low-cost home solutions, and community events that focus on amazing work being done worldwide.  Community members will also be able to take responsibility for some of the gardening and land development, getting the space they need to learn the basics. And as much for the teacher as the student, the learning centre will be an open venue for organizations and experts to teach with the resources of a rural environment in a location accessible to Montréalers.

While “The Barn” will house our education program, it will also be a living demonstration of sustainable living.  Earthships use modern engineering to work with the natural processes of the planet, resulting in free and automated generation of water, food and energy at little cost to the planet.  Built using recycled materials,  “the Barn” will be a symbol of what is possible today.

And we will be documenting everything—from groundbreaking to the final solar panel—so that people worldwide will be able to watch the entire process unfold through our online network

Online content will help others in building their own sustainability projects, while giving them open access to the classes and workshops taught on-site. 

With your help, this learning centre will be the foundation for a network of educators, gardeners, builders, videographers, students, and business owners working for a healthier, more connected planet.

Please, vote for our project – help us create a space that will empower our community to take action towards a sustainable future!      

Find out more about Valhalla:

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