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History in your Hands: Uncovering Ontario's Heritage

ACF18197 Museum of Ontario Archaeology London, ON

Created October  7, 2013 by Patrice Katsiroumbas


London, ON

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000



The Museum of Ontario Archaeology continually strives to advance our understanding of Ontario’s archaeological heritage through stewardship, research, and education.  We bring the human past to life, make it relevant to understanding the present, and inspire an appreciation of, and respect for, Ontario’s cultural diversity. 

About the Museum:

The Museum of Ontario Archaeology is housed on the site where over 2,000 Neutral Iroquoians lived over 500 years ago.  We are one of only three museums in Canada dedicated to archaeology, and one of only three anthropological and archaeological research museums in Canada.  The Lawson site is the only archaeological site in Ontario and one of only three in all of Canada whose significance is recognized by inclusion on the Federal Register of Historic Places.  The Museum’s archaeological collections are among the best documented and largest in all of Canada, consisting of over two million artifacts and associated site records.

History in your Hands:

We want to make archaeology accessible, especially for children and youth by creating digital platforms and a traveling exhibit that can be available in public spaces such as schools, museums, community centres, and shopping malls.  Working with partners such as the Ontario Archaeological Society, local OAS chapters, and Ontario archaeologists, our project will combine exhibit cases portraying Ontario’s rich archaeological past alongside technological advances that allow users to take part in electronic excavations and analysis to uncover different treasures found at the Lawson site.  The digital component will be complemented through the use of personal tablets and smart board technology to provide students and teachers with an interactive and realistic understanding of archaeological exploration and research at both the individual and classroom level, expanded for school use to provide software for use on smart boards and tablets to further explore archaeology through electronic excavation.  Users will gain a broader understanding and appreciation for the history of Ontario’s first people through archaeological methods.    

Help us put history in the hands of all Ontarians.  

Visit the Museum of Ontario Archaeology website to learn more about us.