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Living360 Medical Clinic and Pharmacy

ACF18027 Brian J. Pannell Grand Marais, Manitoba

Created October  3, 2013 by Brian J. Pannell


Grand Marais, Manitoba

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


The East Beaches Regional Complex Inc. is seeking to open both the Living360 Primary Care Centre and Living360 Pharmacy in the town of Grand Marais, Manitoba.    The Clinic and Pharmacy would be open 5 to 7 days per week, primarily Monday through Friday, with some evening or weekend hours.  Currently the closest clinic and pharmacy is more than 100 kilometres round trip, causing travel to exceed the provincial payment to a physician for any given medical appointment.  In addition, access to existing medical and pharmacy services is by an undivided rural highway.  Statistically, two-thirds of fatal accidents in Canada occur on undivided rural highways.  The principal route used to get to medical and pharmacy services is more dangerous than average, with 4 deaths in 3 years on just a 5 kilometre stretch of highway.

At present, winter road, weather and visibility conditions also restrict local residents and visitors accessing medical, lab, pharmacy and x-ray services, so much so that older persons often feel forced to relocate to other locales as they age because of the barrier of highway driving.    

Therefore, it is our plan to remove or reduce travel requirements to any physician. In addition, the Living360 Pharmacy would arrange prescription filling, while the planned lab would conduct blood work. X-Rays would be taken using a mobile service that the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority will soon introduce or via the eventual acquisition of our own X-ray unit. All of these services would be provided at the Living360 Primary Care Centre and Living360 Pharmacy. In addition, we anticipate installing a telehealth connection to access specialist advice from a distance. 

We have raised approximately 25% of the project's budget.  Approximately 50% of the project budget will come from Manitoba Health via physician fee for service billing or the sale of prescription and non-prescription items.  Approximately 25% of the budget remains to be raised.