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Caroline Community HUB (Helping Us Build A Stronger Community)

ACF17248 Caroline Ag Society Caroline, Alberta

Created September 25, 2013 by Brenda (Emma) Cooke


Caroline, Alberta

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

Between 100 - 1,000


The Caroline HUB is a multi-user facility engaging community members of all ages.

The residents in and surrounding Caroline, Alberta are eagerly awaiting the completion of a new 13,000 sq.ft. addition to the existing community complex ~ The Caroline HUB.
The Caroline HUB is a fundamental structure located within the Village of Caroline and currently supports hockey, skating, curling and a community hall. The new groups coming to our HUB have either out grown their current space or do not have a space in which to operate and grow.  They include Caroline Playschool, Caroline Dance West studio, a new fitness centre, a yoga studio, the Medical Clinic, a meeting room, and the Caroline Chamber of Commerce.
With many of our community’s major organizations under one roof we look forward to the advantages the HUB will provide; unlimited activities for all ages, proximity to the Caroline School, multi-user facility for families that will increase physical activity, health and wellness promotion and quality beginnings for education.
Our purpose in doing this addition is to “Help Grow the Community” by offering an affordable variety of activities and events that will make this community a great place to be. We are enhancing community spirit and pride, expanding facilities & events, being Leaders in the Community and developing good working relations with all organizations. Our Vision is to be a solid, strong community, a place where people want to live, raise families, conduct business and socialize. Rural living at its finest!
The Aviva Community Funding will help to complete our building project that will promote many positive changes and additions to our community. The 1.4 million dollar project is breaking ground this Fall and our groups are actively fundraising to meet our financial needs.
For more information about this project or to donate please contact the Caroline Ag Society at 403.722.3022 or e-mail Thank you for taking the time to vote for The Caroline HUB.

Scoring Criteria   Impact (25%) How deeply are people affected by this idea, and how urgent is the need? How many people will this idea benefit, and will it be compelling to a broad audience? All of our residents in and around Caroline/Clearwater County are deeply affected by this expansion building. The Caroline Playschool is losing their current accredited space due to renovations occurring to the area surrounding the building and it is a very OLD portable building, a new healthy bright welcoming space is a very welcomed addition to our community. Caroline Dance West currently uses the basement of the Legion, the clubs enrollment has increased over the years and has outgrown the space ~ this is an award winning studio with many passionate dancers ranging in age from 3 to adults. Our community does not currently have a fitness facility and many members take their business to larger surrounding centres for that reason. This building will positively impact a large population in the Clearwater County and the Village of Caroline. The organizations moving into the new building will affect  ALL AGES with a variety of interests that cover educational, arts & culture, medical, health & wellness promotion and the local business community through the Chamber of Commerce. A BIG appealing factor of this multiuse facility will be parents who have family members in a variety of sports at the same time – everyone will be in one location. The physical location of this building is in very close proximity to our public school K-12, this is an advantage for the school using the facility and for ease of children going to after school activities.   Likelihood of Success (15%) The Caroline HUB is going to be a success in the short and long term. We have 70% of our financial goal met and we are working together as a community to raise the remaining 30% with events (Cattlemen’s Ball, Family Dance, Clean Out the Closet Sale, Flower’s for a Friend Raffle)  The permits and paperwork are completed by all parties involved. We plan to be utilizing this new building in 2014.   Longevity and Sustainability (30%)This project will affect our community for MANY years. Caroline Playschool has been in our community for 40 years, Caroline Dance West has been in our community for 27 years, the fitness facility will not only be used by the local residents but the school, sporting teams for training, during our annual Black Elk Hockey Camp, the medical clinic is a necessity especially for our aging population that can no longer drive to a bigger centre, our Yoga Instructors run classes at least 5 days a week in current facilities that are not “ideal” ~ the new studio will be welcomed by many and a meeting room will be used by several local industries in the area, ie Oil & Gas Monthly Safety Meetings, and the HUB will be a great place for the Chamber of Commerce to be located ~ to increase contact and awareness about their contributions to our community. Funding required beyond the initial request will be sought and raised from the multitude of user groups.   Originality (5%) Multiuser facilities are a growing trend due to the success they create in a community.   Submission Quality (10%)This entry included all the user groups that are in the current facility and the new users coming to the facility. Much time has been spent creating a culture where all groups work as a cohesive group to increase community spirit!   Votes (15%)We are encouraging all of our community members to vote with Facebook, posters, e-mail, digital signage messages.