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Community Grassroots Arts Hub

ACF16863 Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto Foundation M1B5Z5

Created September 23, 2013 by Angela Chan



Funding Level

$50k - $100k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Local artists, performers and young people residing at the inner suburb of Toronto deserve the opportunity to develop and excel. They greatly need a nourishing environment with the right equipments and facilities which are affordable and accessible to them.

Our plan is to transform an 8,500 sq. ft. Multi Purpose Hall (MPH), conveniently located in this high density and diversified community, into a "Community Grassroots Arts Hub" specifically for youths and artists to develop their performing skills; to excel and to build a positive self-image and life goal.  In a most cost efficient fashion, we propose to install a built-in sound system, lighting and a portable stage system in the MPH to establish this unique facility for the local artists and youths of diverse cultural backgrounds.

The Arts Hub will fill the social infrastructure gap in this area where more than 6 high need priority communities are located.  More than 2,000 local artists, performers and youth will access this grassroots community space for the art and performance every year.  They will no longer be excluded from the “positive development pathway"  as challenges such as economy, culture, language, will no longer be the factor of exclusion in this community haven for artists and performers.

We, the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto (CCC), is a non-profit organization situated at the inner suburb of Toronto, Ontario. The Centre is an integral part of the Scarborough Community which includes Agincourt and Malvern areas. The University of Toronto-Scarborough Campus and Toronto Zoo are also in our neighbourhood.   One of the objectives of CCC is to nurture young artists from diverse groups and to provide opportunities for them to showcase their performing skills. Multiculturalism plays an important role in all of CCC's activities. 

In 2006, the Phase II building was completed which includes a 626-seat theatre and a 8.500 sq. ft. Multi Purpose Hall (MPH). We realize that there are many youth groups and artists who cannot afford to rent the regular theatre, therefore we try our best to accommodate them at the MPH.

One of the major challenges in hosting an event inside the MPH is that we would have to bring in heavy and cumbersome risers from the theatre to build a stage every time, and sometimes they are unavailable. Secondly, sound and lighting will have to be outsourced, therefore adding significant costs to the budding young artists.    

With the Aviva funding, we would like to install a portable stage system which can be assembled when required, making it more convenient  for the young performers and artists to set up and to have a proper stage for performance. Secondly, we will install permanent light fixtures and built -in sound system so that the users do not have to pay extra for light and sound equipment rental. The new additions will alleviate their financial burden and offering them more opportunities to showcase their talents in a professional environment.

We appreciate Aviva and its brokers for the initiative to enhance the quality of life of the people in need.  You certainly have set a great role model in the corporate world.  

Dear voters, we thank you for reviewing our idea and considering to give us a vote every day. The fact is, you are not voting in favor of CCC; you are actually voting for a brighter future of the grassroots youth and local artists struggling for positive development and personal growth in these high-need priority areas.