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Little Mountain - BIG Community Garden

ACF16729 Dana Whaley Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, BC

Created November 23, 2012 by Dana Whaley


Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, BC

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

Between 100 - 1,000


We are the Little Mountain Neighbourhood and on this little mountain there is a really BIG community!   Over looking the city of Vancouver, with railway tracks and an industrial zone dividing us from the cities down town core; here on Little Mountain the residents are our communities CORE.  The North End (towards the tracks) of Little Mountain lacks sufficient access to Community Gardens, and much of the densely populated neighbourhood cannot utilize the cities composting program (unfortunately, the program does not service apartment complexes).  Building on our community initiatives and waste management programs are vital to keep Little Mountain on its path towards being a community driven, sustainable neighbourhood.

The Little Mountain Neighbourhood is a mosaic of people from all walks of life; small families, mixed housing (including co-operative and social housing), seniors, a strong LGB community and a diversity of ethnic and national back grounds.  A garden and composting program is an ideal project to engage this diverse community and its members.

The BIG Community Garden and Community Composting Plan is aiming to fund 2 groups in Little Mountain who have identified a need, a location, as well as a plan to establish, manage and maintain a community garden with an extensive composting system, able to accommodate the household composting needs of its members.   The plan is to finance the development and construction of the facilities; provide the necessary infrastructure and tools, as well, to facilitate each group in organizing themselves, their members and their roles.  The member of each community garden and compost facility are then responsible for ALL planting, management and maintenance from that point forward.  The cost of planting seeds and sprouts will be absorbed directly by members with plots.  

Little Mountain, for the purpose of this project, extends North to South from Grandview Hwy to Broadway and East to West from Clark Drive to Main Street in Vancouver BC.