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The Human Promise

ACF16707 The Human Promise Montreal

Created November 21, 2012 by Jacob Shapiro



Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


The Human Promise is a Montreal based youth run social justice organization.  
Our mandate is to raise funds and awareness in order to better the lives of people who have been or who are persecuted based on their religion, ethnicity, or culture. We have a strong belief in being involved in both local and international causes.  Since late 2007, the Human Promise has raised almost $40,000 for various projects, most notably building a well in an internationally displaced persons camp in South Sudan. 

Since our inception, we have always made a huge effort to keep our event and programming costs low. We have never held an event to raise money to cover our costs but rather we rely on donations  and grants to finance our projects.  Receiving this grant would mean allowing the Human Promise run and expand our organization, events, and programming . 

Our five promises:

1. We promise to do our part to build a more civil society, for the sake of thee people we aim to help but also for our own sakes, so that we don’t lose our basic humanity, and so that we never forget that we are insidiously affected by the suffering of other people. We are connected because we are human. That connection demands action. It demands commitment. It demands a promise; A basic but profound promise, a promise to commit, a promise to care, and a promise to try: a human promise.

   2.   We promise to help causes that relate to alleviating the suffering of peoples, religious, cultural, or ethnic groups at home and abroad.  We promise to be mindful of the differences between the realities of those affected in our country and those who are actively persecuted and targeted in other parts of the world. We are aware that, sadly, there are too many causes in the world that would call us into action and invoke our promise, and so we cannot promise to help all. Rather we aim to make a real difference, and hope and trust that other people around the world will join to do the same. We promise to try to do our part.

 3.We promise to be an accepting group, celebrating diversity; to be a positive space where people who are looking to make a difference in the world can find they have also made a difference in themselves. We promise to live “tolerance” and “acceptance” far more than we talk about it, to be a place where all students  are encouraged to bring their culture and religion to the table, while working together on projects rather than to hide it.

4. We promise to be youth-run, to foster the optimism and idealism of high school aged students. We have the biggest stake in the decisions and actions of today as they will affect how the world, our world, will be tomorrow.

5. We promise to help, financially, in Quebec or Canada first, but to always be mindful of,    advocate for, and educate about atrocities being committed in the rest of the world.  Part of creating a respectful and caring global community is helping out in your own backyard first. Therefore we promise to always be involved within our province or country but hope not be parochial but to make a serious impact on the larger global. 

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