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Keeping Seniors Safe!

ACF16705 Peel Elder Abuse Prevention Network (PEAPN) Peel Region

Created November 21, 2012 by Karen Sibal


Peel Region

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

Between 100 - 1,000


It is a cold winter night. An elderly, frail man is wandering the streets of Mississauga in his pajamas and slippers without a coat. When he's asked where he lives, he says says he has no home, no money, and no one who cares about him.

The Problem:
In Peel Region, there are over 15,000 seniors currently living at risk of abuse or neglect, or dealing with some form of abuse. The Peel Elder Abuse Support Program, a hotline for disclosing cases of Elder Abuse and getting help, has received over 1,000 calls since inception in 2007. And this number is growing.

In the scenario described above, where does the elderly man go?There are no shelters for seniors in Peel Region. Existing shelters for women and children are full, and do not offer seniors, many who are frail with complex medical conditions, the right living environment. And finding subsdized housing could take many years. Sometimes a senior in crisis has no family to lean on, and often little money to get by. Sometimes the abused senior ends up in the hospital's emergency department. Where does a senior in crisis go? Sadly, there are no real community supports for them!

Who We Are:
We are the Peel Elder Abuse Prevention Network (PEAPN), a collaborative of 50+ organizations that are working together to stop and prevent the abuse and neglect of seniors in our communities.

We're working tirelessly to help seniors in crisis. And we're always working to ensure the safety and well-being of all seniors in our communities.

The Solution:
We are seeking $50,000.00 from the Aviva Community Fund for our network to form partnerships with the private retirement homes to offer a safe housing option for abused seniors in crisis. Often, once a senior is "rescued" from an abusive home, they need medical and personal care - perhaps prescriptions filled, counselling support, fresh clothing, and nutritious food. The Aviva Commuity Fund will be used to cover off these expenses to ensure the senior's basic needs are met.

We're not asking for money to create a shelter for seniors. Our proposal is a "win-win" solution that involves partnering with the private sector to provide a safety net for these vulneable seniors. And we hope to reduce the burden on the health care system by providing more coordinated community supports to them.  Why is our work so important? Because it's everyone's responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of our seniors -- one of our society's most vulnerable population groups.

The $50,000.00 from the Aviva Community Fund will be used as "seed money" to kick-start this project with the private retirement homes. As it gets underway, we will be exploring other funding sources to sustain this important work.

Thank you for your consideration. We really need your support to ensure we can help more seniors in crisis - ultimately ensuring their overall sense of safety and well-being. If we can keep more vulnerable seniors safe and warm this winter, the money will be well-spent!! 

For more information about PEAPN, please visit, "like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!