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ACF16685 Enactus Concordia Montreal, QC

Created November 20, 2012 by Julie Marin


Montreal, QC

Funding Level

$50k - $100k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Enactus Concordia is a team of 33 driven individuals from Concordia University, aiming to utilize the positive power of business to solve real social problems. As a testament to our professionalism, commitment and ability to take action, this year our program dedicated to helping entrepreneurs was named Best Overall Project across Quebec Universities. Today we want to show you a different project that is closer to our hearts, a project that has the ambitious goal to provide long-term hunger relief in our community.

The issue at hand: 
Every month a shocking 148,460 Montrealers do not have enough food to eat. One in four of these individuals are children. Contrary to popular belief, hunger is not only an issue for the homeless, it also affects many families and senior citizens. This has motivated us to get involved; and find creative solutions to provide immediate and long term hunger relief to those in need.

How are we helping? We split our initiative into two components. First, an awareness campaign, Fork Hunger, to raise funds to provide immediate hunger relief through a series of events. Second, a not-for-profit grocery store located in a low-income neighbourhood, enabling individuals to purchase low cost food items to feed their families. 

PHASE I: Fork Hunger Campaign - As part of our campaign, we will be selling promotional bracelets displaying the logo of our campaign throughout our school and community, to raise funds for Moisson Montreal, Canada’s largest food bank. Last year, we ran a similar campaign and managed to raise $12,000 for Quebec's Largest Food Bank. Because of their important network of donors and suppliers, each dollar donated was multiplied by 13, which means our donation generated a monetary equivalent of $164,263 and fed a total of 185 families of 4 for one month. Beyond the bracelet sales, we are planning a series of fundraising events. The first event coming up is a Casino Night for charity, which will take place on December 20th. We are also planning a Masquerade Ball in January. These types of events are very popular within our targeted demographic (Concordia University students), and are guaranteed to attract a good number of attendees, maximizing the funds we raise for short-term hunger relief. Fundraising is great and it is important, but implementing sustainable solutions is even better. This leads us to Phase II of our project, which aims to empower individuals in our community by increasing their grocery purchasing power. 

PHASE II: Not-for-profit Grocery Store Inspired by our previous work with local food banks, we have decided to take our campaign one step further by trying to implement a concrete solution to alleviate hunger in our community for good. We are currently developing a not-for-profit grocery store, located in a low-income neighborhood. Essentially, families would have to apply to obtain a member card. Membership will be granted to eligible families, based on the size of their family, their income, and their health.

A crucial part of this project is to successfully build relationships with suppliers, in order to obtain non-perishable food items at a reduced price. Our goal is to reduce the mark-ups that are currently at an industry average of 67%, down to 25% for our customers. This will result in savings in the six-figures (*see Revenue Store Model in images)

Funds required: $74,920 (see breakdown in images) 

Why will we succeed?
Because we are a driven that focuses on strategy, execution and project sustainability. We have a track record that has shown that we take action.  At the beginning of each year, we map out the actions we intend to take over the course of the year and summarize them in a clear business plan. This enables to take the necessary steps to ensure our projects actually take-off, and have the possibility to grow and flourish.

We at Enactus Concordia are dedicated to taking action in our community. We strive to inspire, lead and promote the positive power of business while improving the quality of life of those around us. We would like to thank you for support of programs such as ours. It is because of executives such as yourselves, we are able to expand on the reach and impact of our projects. We are growing, and we will continue to grow. Through our Vision Team, our dedicated team members, and our innovative projects and events; we are actively making a difference in our community.