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Familiarise young people with aviation

ACF16646 John H. Bisscheroux Hawkesbury Airport , ON

Created November 19, 2012 by John H. Bisscheroux


Hawkesbury Airport , ON

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

Between 100 - 1,000


   It is expensive to participate in a flight package to give young people a familiarisation exposure to aviation in its most basic format.
   A typical package of 5 flights costs around $500 plus the travel and expense to get to the airfield. Although gliding costs less than power flying, it nevertheless requires a fair amount of money. (approx $2000-4000 to license standard, part of the flying hours can be used as credit towards a power license)
   In my 50 years of flying and helping to run a club, I have seen many young people advance from these basic beginnings to becoming well paid pilots of airliners. 
   Generally, to fund this project would require a designated selection committee, say teachers in grade or high school, who select candidates from those who have scored highest in an aviation knowledge quiz. Those succeeding to come up with scores in excess of, say, 70%  would be included in a list to be submitted to a designated dispensor of funds that are held in trust. I already have received an indication that this can be administered Canada wide by the charity Youth Flight Canada Education Fund.
   The dispensor would give credit slips to candidates who can then present them to the club nearest their location. The club would receive re-imbursement from the dispensor upon presentation of their invoice with a copy of the credit slip attesting the flights have been consumed by the candidate and, following this and the dispensor would then calculate the travel cost refund to the candidate.
   As I indicated, this is a general outline as I envisage it working but could be modified to adjust to requirements by the financing agency.
   The reason for this procedure is to make sure the money represented by the credit slip is indeed consumed rather than give cash to a candidate who could then use this for other purposes.