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Voices of Hope DVD Series for the Breast Cancer Patient

ACF16641 Hastings Breast Cancer Support Group Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba

Created November 19, 2012 by Diane Davies


Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba

Funding Level

$50k - $100k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Thousands of women and hundreds of men in Canada will face a breast cancer diagnosis this year. But few will find it easy to connect with other survivors for support. Many will feel that they’re going it alone, even though the road is well traveled, given the high incidence of the disease and the high numbers of survivors. Many will believe unnecessarily that a breast cancer diagnosis is a death sentence.  The loneliness of the breast cancer patient, and, often, the circle of family and friends helping that person through treatment, is legendary. Whatever the reasons for silence and isolation, survivors can be of decisive help to new patients. Long-established research shows that peer support makes a measurable difference in treatment outcomes for breast cancer patients. Emotional state and mindset can hold the key to weathering successfully the rigors of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  If a typical course of treatment lasts a year or more, the patient, and the patient’s family and friends may be in crisis mode for much of that time. The energy that may otherwise have gone into leading and learning, creating and building in other arenas, must instead be poured into the honorable work of sustaining oneself or a loved one in a time of vulnerability.

Hastings Breast Cancer Support Group of Hastings, MN and Diane Davies, summer resident on Rainy Lake, Ontario have teamed together to create Voices of Hope and Voices of Hope: Family and Friends, a DVD series designed to be given to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.  Packaged together these DVDs will help with the loneliness of a breast cancer journey by creating a virtual support group where patients and their caregivers will find hope for the journey ahead. Voices of Hope: Family and Friends was undertaken in response to urgent requests to portray the stories, struggles and insights of the spouses, family members and friends who’ve supported a loved one through breast cancer.  Loved ones often have no idea how to help, what to say, and how to calm their own fears.  Family and friends, overwhelmed by fear and grief, sometimes distance or even abandon a loved one undergoing breast cancer treatment.  Yet many survivors and their families look back on the breast cancer journey as a time when they clarified their values and deepened their love.  My idea is to distribute the Voices of Hope Series to the hospitals and cancer care centers in Ontario, Quebec, and Manitoba to begin with and eventually to the rest of the country. 

Budgetary Requirements:

Research and List procurement:                                                   $2,500.00

Ontario, Manitoba & Quebec Hospitals approximately 280
First contact & complimentary copy of series
$4/contact = $1120.00  (DVDs + shipping)                                    $1,120.00

50 DVD sets/hospital + shipping = $150
$150 X 280 = $42,000                                                                  $42,000.00 

Total:                                                                                             $45,620.00       

After the hospital has used the first 50 DVD sets, they would be able to purchase copies for their patients at $2/set plus shipping.  The positive feedback from patients using the DVD, will justify the costs going forward.

Likelihood of Success: 
Voices of Hope is being used successfully by the Mayo Clinic, Jane Braittain Breast Center, Virginia Piper Breast Center, and Johns Hopkins and many others across the United States along with several Canadian hospitals as well.  Voices of Hope: Family and Friends was just released 10/23/12 to outstanding reviews.  The Hastings Breast Cancer Support Group as creator of the project has as its' purpose only to reach out and help other breast cancer patients on their journey.  The price being charged covers only the cost of reproduction and the shipping. 

The DVDs can be viewed in the privacy of the patient's own home with their caregivers present or alone.  Many users have responded that they have watched the series over and over and found it to be life changing.