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Healthy Hearts and Environment

ACF16587 Kim 135 Mee Rd Kentville NS

Created November 16, 2012 by Kim


135 Mee Rd Kentville NS

Funding Level

$50k - $100k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


My objective is to construct a playground in the North Kentville area for low income families.  The playground would be consructed at a location in where there is potential to create a Healthy Hearts and Environment program.  The program would be a Non-profit Organization that provides a healthy environment for children, youth and families. 

The program will provide children a childcare facilty where they come to learn and develop to their fullest potential.  Teaching them essential skills needed to thrive throughout life.  It will be a routine based program where the kids have a regularly planned schedule and are provided with healthy daily snacks and meals.  I would also like to see a playground at this facility where they get the essential outdoor experience that kids need to thrive.
The program would also promote education and opportunities for youth that would help reduce the gap of poverty through an environmentally sustainable project that is inspiring and influencial.

The youth program is a drop in centre where youth can come socialize, hang out, learn and talk to others.  I would like to see computers and other activities go into the facility to create a fun, unstructured learning environment.  I would like to see an onsite skilled counsellor available for youth that need to talk about issues. 

This project could potentially be be a place where families come together from the community.  It can potentially be a place where parents drop off their children to look for work, talk to career counselors, explore educational opportunities and/or or volunteer in the community.

The program would incorporate:
An  environmentally friendly outdoor playground (ages 2-5 & 5-12)
A music & movement program
A place here the larger community can rely on us to Implement fundraiser events that are proposed to us from various organizations    
a community garden in spring and summer to provide a (all ages) sustainable food system accessible to lower income families. 
A place where low income families come together, support one another and socialize while the children, play learn and build a sense of community.  
I would like to create experiential learning experiences where the youth are invited to local schools, work places
and businesses (or business trade shows to learn what jobs are available in the community).
Educational workshops where community comes to us
 A place where kids can come and release their creativity thoughts through arts and crafts 
a Creative learning environment that promotes lifelong learning, provide up-to-date opportunities that are going on in the community and volunteer opportunities
Information sessions that teaches boundaries, healthy relationships, active and healthy living 
A place to come together for morning breakfasts and suppers on a Saturday morning (once a month)
The program project  will be an environmentally sound project in which we use:
environmentally friendly indoor & outdoor play equipment
Use the reduce, reuse, recycling system as well as the latest recycling systems in the community-battery boxes, lid containers
etc. (Responsible waste)
Energy efficient appliances and light bulbs
major renovations that consist of skylights and lots of windows and extra bathrooms
limit the amount of water used (the required amount of litres per day)
All biodegradable cleaning supplies (hand, dish, laundry soap ect).
All cast iron or stainless steel cooking essentials
Major renovations-windows and washrooms
an outdoor playground
supplies for a childcare centre
an indoor recreation facility for the youth centre

Nobody should have restrictions because of their socio-econmic status.  We all have hopes, dreams and talents.