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Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere- The Movement

ACF16574 Randell Adjei Scarborough Ontario

Created November 16, 2012 by Randell Adjei


Scarborough Ontario

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


R.I.S.E Movement
Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere

“Individually we are one drop, but together we are an Ocean.” –Mother Teresa

            Our Purpose is to Inspire, Educate & Entertain. We call it Inspirational Edutainment.
 We are a Youth Run, Student organization who is turning the GTA Community Struggles into Inspiration.
Every Monday Night we Host Open Mic events that feature local Conscious Singers, Rappers, Spoken Word Artists, Poets & lyricists from all backgrounds. We are Artivists, meaning we are Social Activists that use our Art to activate the minds of those who need a spiritual awakening. Our mission every Monday is simply encouraging others to Live to Inspire Others, reminding them every week how Beautiful they are. The word Beautiful means; Be-you-to-fulfill or Be-you-to-the-fullest, we remind Youth the importance of being themselves and living righteously.
Growing up in the Malvern community located in Scarborough Ontario we seen friends who were murdered, shot, stabbed, robbed at gun point & Imprisoned. Our community has fallen into cracks & we are here to revitalize the streets. We are breaking the cycle!

            Our group consists of 4 Core members with hundreds of supporters.
What our organization provides is a platform/stage for local artists to express themselves by using their Struggles to inspire others. Turning their Down falls into words that lift others Up. We began with 23 people our first session back on April 16th 2012 we are now safely sheltering in over 90-100+ Participants every week.
On July 16th of this year there was a mass shooting just 10 minutes away from where we held a show, where 25 people were shot & killed 2 (14 year old girl & a 23 year old man) several of the Youth in Attendance that night spoke out & said if they were not at R.I.S.E Poetry that unforgettable Monday night, they too may have gone to the Community BBQ where hundreds of people were caught in the cross fire of the mass shooting.
After hearing of this terrible incident, we were inspired to continue our efforts providing a safe space for Youth at risk to be inspired or express themselves Every Monday.

            We also facilitate Workshops in a local Scarborough Resource Center where we teach Youth

A. Different forms & styles of writing Poetry

B. How to use Literary Devices Effectively

C. The Importance of Reading & Writing

D. The Art of Public Speaking

We’ve been very successful helping youth with their reading & writing.
We are Writing Facilitators “who make English Class more fun” so we’ve been told.
            Once a Month we gather youth from the Community to go out on Food Runs in downtown Toronto providing Food, Clothing, Hugs, Ears to listen to their stories, Poetry & Love for the Homeless or those living in Shelters. We’ve just begun our Free Hugs & Ears Campaign where we stand outside various Busy Traffic Point (Outside Eaton Center/Dundas Square, Scarborough Town Center) and give Hugs for those who need one, two, or more & Provide our Ears to listen to their Stories & how their Day went.

            We are slowly bringing this Inspirational Platform across the GTA to continue Edutaining & Teaching Youth how to Positively Express themselves, we know this Grant would allow us to spread the Love even further. We are prominently in East Toronto but we want to expand this to Parts of Toronto North, West & South. We know this Grant would not only allow us to expand our programming across the city & provide more space in the GTA but it would also help us Teach Youth the importance of Inspiration, Reading & Writing.
            Our Goal is to make this movement go global, we have heard many stories about individuals who were lost in life, but entered our doors and left a better person. We’ve heard many success stories of people who were afraid to speak their mind but now perform almost every Monday night. We know our efforts have helped many people, so we need your support to enable us to grow and expand.

            Our mission is simply to Educate and build Community. Education is key, we’ve spoken at local schools, festivals, events, meetings and many people are inspired by what we do, they are so moved some have begun their own. Others continue to attend and support our movement.
We’re helping Youth find their purpose. The beauty of it all is the idea was to bring Youth in, but we have people of all ages attending our shows weekly for inspiration.

Thank you for reading! Stay Be you to the fullest!

                                                                                                                                    Rise Poetry