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Square One Older Adult Centre (Senior Wellness Service)

ACF16550 Jason Mississauga

Created November 15, 2012 by Jason



Funding Level

$50k - $100k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Dear Aviva Community Fund :

My name is Jason, and i am a high school student currently in my graduating year at Thomas L Secondary School in Mississauga.
I am doing my co-op placement for my final year at a wonderful place in my community called Square One Older Adult Center, our centre, is operated by, and for Mississauga's Older Adult residents who are over the age of 50, which provides social, health, educational opportunities to ENHANCE their quality of life. 
The center was formed in 1992, and it became an independent incorporated non-profit entity in March 1998  we have reached approximately 1,710 members in 2011, and the numbers are still rising. Our centre is operated by mostly volunteers however, we do have 5 paid full time staff on board, well have held 100 special events and bus trips with over 191 volunteers contributed 39,000+ hours of their time in the year 2011.
we have been providing programs and events and many critically helpful services to seniors for over 20 years, and we love what we do, personally, i think the values of our society has changed over the decades due to many reasons, and especially family values in the western society has changed resulting neglected seniors who deserves a tremendous amount of care and attention that they are not receiving. 
However our center does not offer resident services, and if questioned, we will be happy to direct you to a retirement facility, but as a young person who is always eager to learn, I have discovered many "not-so-bright secrets of retirement facilities and strongly beliefs that as human, we are meant to socialize regardless of our age, gender, race, religion or ethnic background. therefore, by offering the senior citizens a opportunity to socialize and most of all; to exercise and stay healthy, we WILL enhance their lives longer.   

Reasons To Request Funding:
As i stated earlier, our facility is non-profit, and most of our funding comes from Donation and the Provincial Government and partially renting out parts of our facilities to the public. as a co-op student i do not know the exact financial statement but one thing that i can be sure is that our Facility sure deserves more then what we are getting now, because our facility is fairly small for the amount of members  who attend our centre. with that being said, our facility is located inside the Square One Shopping Centre in a confined space(Basement) and next year we are suffering from sharing our organization with another Social Service called the "Open Door" which is a drop-in Center for adults. to improve the quality of our service serving the older adults, my idea is to either Expand&renovate, or Relocate our location to a better facility, so we provide the best service in the best ways possible to the elderly in need.

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                                                  The warmest Thanks from the deepest of heart!