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ACF16514 CHDC Canada, quebec.

Created November 14, 2012 by SAM


Canada, quebec.

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$50k - $100k (< 2014)

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More than 1,000


Horses are, and have always been, a service animal. They have never been in the same class as livestock. Our country was settled with their strength, our land was farmed with their might. They kept this country alive until the automotive age. Without them, we would never be where we are, today. Wars were won on the backs of horses. Mules are still used in war zones, today. The horse faithfully carried children to school, doctors to save lives, and preachers to save souls. We continue to use them extensively even today, for recreation, sport, and to an extent they are still used to log and work farms. Untold numbers of physically and mentally challenged children and adults use them regularly for therapy, which is recognized throughout the world as the very best exercise for people with mobility issues. Some are even used as service animals for the blind.As a Horse lover, supporter and member of CHDC, (canadian horse defense coalition), "they" are a collective of people and national groups that have joined forces in order to ban the slaughter of equines for human consumption in Canada, as well as the export of live horses to other countries for the same purpose.

On the topic of drugs and horses, more then Bute makes the meat of any Equid species unfit for human consumption. The EID is a complete farce, as is the drug testing. Many drugs we routinely give horses have a testing process that takes enough time to complete that the meat would have already been packaged and shipped before the results are known. The EID is one person's opinion, and there is no possible way to ensure the information is accurate or that the horse and EID match. MOST owners worm their own stock. Even the vet doesn't know if it has been done or not. Horse wormer comes with a statement right on the package that the product makes the horse unfit for consumption for up to six months after administration. Most horses are wormed a minimum of four times a year.

In my honest opinion, because of the intelligence of the horse, coupled with its highly tuned self preservation instincts, there is no possibly way to design or build a facility that would create an atmosphere where humane slaughter will ever be a reality. Horses are very emotive and complex creatures. At the same time, they highly individualized and herd oriented. There is no, and will never be a one size fits all solution, other than to end the slaughter of equids.

To conclude, I would like to enter this site AVIVA, although I do not know so much about, but would like to try. (CHDC) always needs support for the Horses and the hard work they do to protect them. Helping out any way, money wise, giving voice, donations, support ect, would help their costs of lawyers, their time, their investigations  their publications to the public, their known rescues for Horses throughout canada, and all their efforts they put towards banning cruel unnecessary Horse-Slaughter in Canada for consumption, ect.
I do collect signatures for our new BILL C-322, support every way i can, on facebook groups,which i have (2) grps of my own with lovely supportive members, write to MPs,ect ect, but would like to try this also, the least i can do for now. Please take the time and understand our/my concerns for such lovely innocent compagnions, pets, soul partners and lets ALL stand up, work togeather, to BAN such an evil, inhumane practice of Horse-Slaughter in Canada, ect.

Les chevaux sont, et ont toujours été, un animal d'assistance. Ils n'ont jamais été dans la même classe que le bétail. Notre pays a été réglée avec leur force, notre terre a été cultivé avec leurs forces. Ils ont gardé ce pays en vie jusqu'à l'âge de l'automobile. Sans eux, nous n'aurions jamais être là où nous sommes aujourd'hui. Dites NON à l'abattage des chevaux au Canada et OUI à la PROJET DE LOI C-322.