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Phototography for the Future

ACF16491 Marion School Winnipeg

Created November 13, 2012 by Melissa Mangiacotti



Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


I am a teacher candidate attending the University of Winnipeg integrated bachelor of education program. My goal this year is to start up at least one photography program in Winnipeg, and eventually with other teachers across the country institute more alternative art programs. 

I have been approved by the school and have dedicated my time to teaching these amazing students the art of photography. I would like to purchase two dslr cameras and accesories for the students, so that they can be as creative as possible. I would like to surprise the students and school with this equipment.

My aspiration is to see that photography becomes an outlet for youth of today, to express themselves, to see the world in a new light and to have a deeper appreciation for nature. With the addition of technology in society, students seem to disconnect with each other as well as with adults. I am hoping that these youth will be able to put down their multimedia players and step away from their video games and, instead, they will be able to pick up a camera and see the beauty that surrounds them constantly.

It is with your help that I hope to inncorporate this amazing form of art into Winnipeg schools. Hopefully, one day Photography for the Future may be there to help your son, daughter, sister, brother, granddaughter, grandson, cousin or friend.

I am planning a fundraiser to raise some of the funds to purchase one camera by creating a gala and will be auctioning off local and global photographers' photographs.

One of the questions that is asked about Photography for the Future is: How many people will be affected by this? My answer cannot simply be summed up into one neat number. I can, however, pose one question to you: how will we know who will be the next world renowned photographer, if we never give him/her the chance? I hope that we give them that chance.

A picture can change the world and a camera in the hands of an photographer can make that change.

Thank-you for your consideration of supporting Photography for the Future.

Melissa Mangiacotti