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ÉduCafé Tutoring/Tutorat inc.

ACF15423 Student, Thinker, Believer, Senior year teacher to be. Campbellton NB

Created October 15, 2012 by Maxime Levesque


Campbellton NB

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000



ÉduCafé would be a small learning Center, with of course a café environment, that would provide services to support learning in the Restigouche county. Our skills would meet a wide audience from students in elementary, middle school, and high school, or even to teach French or English as a second language to adults.  Our qualified team of tutors would offer personalized service to help learners achieve their learning goals.If the parents are looking for qualified people to help their child succeed academically or if you would like some assistance in learning a second language, ÉduCafé can certainly help achieve these goals by providing an optimal environment for learning and a qualified tutor. 


  • Does your child have school performance that does not match what he/she can accomplish?
  • Would you like it if he/she could receive help from a professional in order to better understand things?
  • Would working on a particular subject improve his/her grades?
  • Do you feel that you need to act as soon as possible?
ÉduCafé would offer tutoring services to students from kindergarten to grade 12. These services would be offered during the school year and also during the summer by teachers and university students. These services would be offered to all children whether they are attending French or English schools. Depending on your preferences and availability, tutoring sessions with your child can take place at our ÉduCafé, which would be located in the city of Campbellton.We would make sure to choose a tutor who is not only qualified to meet your needs, but also meet the student’s profile. Therefore, there would always be a preliminary meeting to learn about the challenges of your child and your expectations. The tutor, whichever you would prefer, would then be chosen according to the needs of the student.


If you live in the Restigouche area you may have wanted to converse in French or English with relatives. Chances are that you understand the majority of people who spoke the second language around you, but you would like to enhance your knowledge and build your confidence to express yourself.Or, perhaps you never completely mastered the language and find it difficult. But now, you've finally decided to seek appropriate assistance. Whatever your situation may be, teaching French or English as a second language to adults would be one of our specialties. ÉduCafé would also offer French first language courses for professional development and English second language sessions. 

For Work

Oral communication and interaction are the center of our concern. Our courses would focus on these skills so that grammatical rules are introduced and explained according to the situations of communication. Our qualified and experienced teachers would work using diversified materials in various learning situations and use audiovisual aids when necessary. During the courses, the students would actively participate by role-playing and by making presentations. The participants should be aware that no progress will be made unless they are actively involved in their own learning process.If there is a precise topic or a specific vocabulary centered on your business that you would like your employees to work on, we could create a program especially designed for your specific needs. The objectives and the duration of the training would then be discussed with you.Participants would acquire precise abilities upon the completion of each level. These abilities would be related to the work environment and the program will be customized to fit the employees' needs. Prior to the first course, each participant would receive a small evaluation test so as to guide the teacher in preparing the most appropriate training for the group. The courses would be held at our ÉduCafé.


If the demand is a concern you may want to take a peek at the link below, which describes the growth of the tutoring revolution: 

Thank you for your consideration. :-)

Sincerely a young "Restigoucher"!