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A Company Called Cranbrook ( your town name)

ACF15379 Audra Wallace Cranbrook, B.C. V1C5G1

Created October 15, 2012 by Audra Wallace


Cranbrook, B.C. V1C5G1

Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


A web site designed to benefit smaller communities around the country/world. A place where communities can come together using the internet for positivity and change. When you think of where to start to perpetuate change in the world the task seems daunting. But, it doesn't have to be. If like minded individuals come together to form a company within their communtity designed to collectively change their world for good.

How? How on earth can we do this? Well, unfortunately we have seen the strength of the internet to do harm. Why not break that cycle and create positive change on a web-site at home, in your community. Home is where the heart is, charity begins at home , we all use these cliches regularily...the time has come to do something, have a voice, be heard..make a change!!

How will it work? Well, every member of the community can be a member for free. It will be maintained and updated regularily to ensure safety of content  and positivity of content so members of all ages can participate. How it will generate funds will be through advertising by community businesses. A portion will go to the cost to run the site, the rest will be put back into the community to be distributed to charities. You as a member will get to vote on who will receive the funding within your area. This will be done monthly or quarterly. What a feeling to do something so amazing as a Company named Cranbrook. Where no matter what your education, socio-economic status, age, gender, weight, ethnicity, sexual preference, or religion you will have a voice and a choice.

There are so many amazing opportunities that are not being utilized. How about a:
Gift Exchange? 
What? Say if you are a single Mom who needs some plumbing work done and you are short on cash but rich in ingenuity. There ca be a gift exchange.We all have intinsic value and talents. We are all different, but we all have something important to offer our community, we all have a gift to give. Maybe she can exchange cooking, painting, dog walking, personal fitness training, or marketing for the plumbing work.
What about the senior who has a minivan and doesn't mind car pooling to go to church, out for coffee, or grocery shopping. Who wouldn't love to get some homemade cookies or squares in exchange for a ride around town?
Are you a busy working Mom who doesn't have time to cook? Why not exchange your skills as a book keeper or an accountant for a home cooked meal or dessert or an hour or two of cleaning for services rendered during tax season?
A gift exchange is simply that. Exchanging on gift from one individual to another within the community.

Trade Secrets:
A place on the web-site to learn from others who are either experts in their field or very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about a hobby. A high school student has a passionate for fashion, a young mother who has questions about breast feeding, healthy food choices, teething, and would like to get together with other young Mothers. And therefore forming a group that meets to discuss their experiences and network amongst themselves.

Pay it Forward:
Have you ever been the recipient of a good deed? Can you remember that feeling? Why would a stranger do that? What an amazing experience. Why let it end there? Pay it forward! Be the person that starts a chain reaction of great anonomous or  incredible spontaneous deeds. Next time you are in the drive thru at Tim Horton's buy the persons coffee who is in the car behind you. Or if you see a table of seniors out for coffee buy their coffee. Smile more, hold the door for the person behind you, help a struggling young mother in the check out line up who is juggling shopping and unhappy children by either letting her go a head of you or entertaining her kids. It doesn't even have to cost you anything. Just try to make someone's day. Why? Why not! Shovel your neighbor walk, volunteer, participate in a charity event.

A Peg Board of Good Intentions:
Why not start a snow ball effect of good intentions. The whole community can come together and make a difference. Make our streets safer after dark, start/participate in a anti bullying awareness forum, fund raise for a community member who needs help due to illness or an unfortunate occurrence. "Be" The One who starts something wonderful!

Start your own Group for Good:
Abstinence Promise for Teens
Say No to Drugs Promise
Stand Up to Bullies Promise

The opportunities and applications are endless. Start where you need to begin, at home. Dare to Dream. Make a difference in your community with A Company Called Cranbrook. Let us start a network of positivity that will be the beginning of the best communities in Canada, maybe even the world!!