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Tuition grants for Single Parents

ACF15375 Keith Ramage Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Created October 14, 2012 by Keith Ramage


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Funding Level

$50k - $100k (< 2014)

Community Size

Fewer than 100


Cue in the single mother/Manager at the local fast food joint.

The retail worker going back to pick up her two kids from daycare.

The father working three jobs to keep up with rent, power, food and child support.

A grant program for single parents is an opportunity to raise the stakes in a multi-faceted manner.  One big break is all it takes to change someone's life. 

Dedicated parents have an added challenge when it comes to furthering their education.  The time away from their family in order to put them in a better situation.  The time spent at school, at labs and practicums.  The time spent out of school studying and writing papers.  The time spent at their jobs.

The idea is to have industry leaders invest in the students of the community.  Each genre of business: engineers, physicians, carpenters, lawyers can have the opportunity to hire graduates (if they so wish) and directly invest in the future of their industry by donating to these particular grants. 

Each year, three tuition grants would be available to single parents.  Each applicant would  be registered into a full-time university course with a high level of probable success. 

Unfortunately, education can sometimes act as a cycle.  If the parents are not able to attend school, the children are then not able to.  By breaking this cycle, we are increasing the holistic health of our communities.  Reducing poverty reduces crime rates and reduces health risks.

The purpose of the program is as follows:

1.  Increasing skilled workers in the community.
2.  Alleviating financial stress for the families involved.
3.  Increasing family values; building a stronger community.
4.  Allowing for second chances; breaking a vicious, uneducated cycle.

The first allotment of the program would select three individuals in varying methods of study.  The specific amount of the grant would depend on various factors that would be communicated with the applicant. 

**although the directly involved beneficiaries are limited, the indirect beneficiaries are unlimited.