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Teen Community Tech Centre

ACF15348 Craig Vasily LaSalle, Ontario

Created October 14, 2012 by Craig Vasily


LaSalle, Ontario

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

Between 100 - 1,000


In my opinion there is a section of the community that would benefit greatly from a Teen Tech Community Centre.
This would allow the technical oriented teens to have a place to go to develop and build projects that interest them.
The technical focus in general would be electronics, computers, playing an instrument, small wood projects, art, audio, video, and of course music ideas, for example; building percussion instruments, wind instruments, electronic instruments, building electronic effect pedals, etc.
 The centre can also include projects for young woman to work on that interests them.
For example fashion design, art, business building groups, garden area to grow herbs and greens, etc. 
There are enough vacant older buildings that could be utilized with the co-operation of the building owners and community leaders who would be interested in guiding young people who are in the "tech. zone" so to speak.  It is very important that young people have a place to go to develop their skills and help them to transition into starting their own business, and/or finding an interest in learning at the post secondary level if they like.  I believe every community can make use of a venue to help young people that are at risk that would help them to develop and grow.  The emphasis should be focused on small communities with a population of less than 10,000.  But, not limiting it to that parameter.
As and idea, University and College students can earn credit and possibly an income to help guide and teach young people in the community at the Teen Tech. Centres.  As well as retired seniors who have technical skills to share with young people they would like to spend quality time helping young people grow. 
It is time that we focus on young people that aren't interested in sports or the standard ways of spending quality time.
The Teen Tech. Centres can be a tool to assist young people who don't have the means but have the brain power and proven talent in that direction.
Funding can be sourced from the local, provincial, and federal government with the assistance of the communities MPP, MP and successful community partners and individuals.
There are so many ideas that would help a part of our community that has often gone unnoticed. 
The cost to develop and implement a project like this is within reach of every community by being creative to raise funds in partnership with any government funding. However, not relying on the government for all funding.