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bring out suppressed fuel saving devices that can increase milea

ACF15333 Bruce McBurney Niagar Falls Ontario L2G 3G3

Created October 13, 2012 by Bruce McBurney


Niagar Falls Ontario L2G 3G3

Funding Level

$50k - $100k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


I am an invention researcher that has found out the secrets to getting amazing fuel mileage.  I have a book that explains it so completely, I sell it money back for $20.00 with 2500 sold only 2 refunds. I also placed 90% of the book for free on the web site so our children might have a chance  -- 
I now have 10 differnt pubished books and hundreds of patents that prove we have been screwed by big oil companies for over 80 years now, when these first  started and have been suppressed ever since. Yes there is global warming but the chem trails have slowed it down so many say it is not real global warming but the chem trails are what makes it cooler, reflecting the heat out into space. Bringing this fuel reforming technology out will open the door for many other suppressed inventions, like cancer cures and free energy devices that create power by using the magnetic fields we pass thru everyday as we spin around the sun at 75,000 Miles per hour
others sites confirming this are  search on you tube for Gashole, look for what Tom Ogle did 100 MPG in a big V8 Ford,  they killed him at 27 years old. Research Charles Pouge 1936. actually hundreds of patents exposed...  I did not start this but explain it how your mother in law can understand it and believe, but need $sserious help to get it out
Please help get the truth out because - it is time to end suppression before it causes the end of us all. PLEASE help me to help us all against the 2 biggest Bullies on the planet, the oil and drug companies