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Vancouver's Vertical Greenhouse Farm Project

ACF15332 Jordan Lopehandia Vancouver, BC Canada

Created October 13, 2012 by Jordan Lopehandia


Vancouver, BC Canada

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Vancouver, BC Canada is a beautiful and green city, as anyone who's ever visited will tell you.  Our connection with nature is something that we feel defines us as Vancouverites.

Even in the heart of our downtown core, tree's line the streets. Walking around you'll find public parks and gardens every few blocks in any direction.

Vancouver also has an abundance of yet-to-be-redeveloped "derelict" buildings dotted across our downtown.  My plan is to purchase/lease one of these buildings via the city or a newly formed non-profit society (or both) and convert every floor and the roof into greenhouse space for organic food growth, aka a vertical farm.  (see below links for additional image/details)

This structure will...

     Employ many skilled workers in different professions
     Help the redevelopment plans of this city in a eco-friendly way
     Improve the downtown air quality
     Create cheap organic food for local businesses and consumers
     Be one of the first of its kind in a major city

As time ticks forward and demand for the worlds resources increases, we have an opportunity to set a new standard for sustainability.  With the simple conversion of one run-down building, we would be one step closer to making Vancouver a truly green city.

Who's with me?
(link to relative article)
(great success story from a Chicago project)
An except from the above Economist article:

"As well as creating more farmable land out of thin air, this would slash the transport costs and carbon-dioxide emissions associated with moving food over long distances. It would also reduce the spoilage that inevitably occurs along the way"