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Empowering Your Limitless Life... Educational Paradigm Shift

ACF15229 Timeless Solutions v2c 6w1

Created October 11, 2012 by Joyous Presence


v2c 6w1

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


We are creating an enriched, expanded and empowering learning system to assist in ushering in a student-centric, cradle-to-cradle educational paradigm, that caters to each individuals innate brilliance, while connecting individuals with a lifetime of limitless purpose, passion and potential!

We are merging the ancient and the modern, the virtual and the physical, the scientific and the spiritual, to offer you a thriving life experience... NOW! 

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As a global lifestyle movement
, we exist to empower and educate humanity to live a life of unlimited purpose, passion, and potential, by evolving and creating communities, technologies, and services for a thriving world.Our mission is to raise the consciousness of humanity through a new paradigm of progressive education centered on sustainable living, spirituality, health and wellness, environmental stewardship, personal development, and social justice.

Timeless Solutions is a holistic lifestyle enterprise focused on sustainable community development, earth honoring initiatives and full-spectrum holistic education solutions. We are more than a company; we are a social movement, and our vision is a multifaceted one.Timeless Solutions serves as an incubation management company featuring a wide array of paradigm shifting companies and projects.  We develop, market, and innovate, the products and technologies created by the world’s leading cultural creatives and entrepreneurs. 

We embody our advocated lifestyle through the creation of E.A.R.T.H. Project, a global network of independent and interconnected Eco-communities.  Each community is built to be completely self-sufficient, produce high quality eco-products and services, and to empower thousands of people to experience a thriving lifestyle in harmony with themselves, each other, and the Earth.E.A.R.T.H. sites utilize and evolve the Timeless Learning System, a progressive educational model for adults and today’s youth, tomorrow’s leaders.

A holistic, open-source curriculum taught locally, shared digitally and experienced globally. Every organization within the movement will contribute class material and/or educational opportunities to the Digital Ecosystem. Combined with documented on-site implementation, open-source development, and a highly qualified team of experts creating unique content, a complete and personally adaptable learning system is shared with anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

Values; Symbolically, our companies and culture are built upon the four pillars of Education, Ecology, Empowerment and Embodiment. We focus on enlivening the quadruple bottom line of: Social, Environmental, Economic, and Spiritual growth.