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Lights Up! Lighting and Sound Equipment for Sudbury's premiere c

ACF14698 Theatre Cambrian Sudbury, Ontario

Created October  4, 2012 by Jeffrey Burton


Sudbury, Ontario

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Theatre Cambrian, Greater Sudbury’s only year-round operating bi-lingual  theatre organization, has become the premiere location for the spotlight of local talent. Each year, Theatre Cambrian enlists the contributions of over 100 actors, 25 musicians, 75 theatrical technicians, and 200 volunteers. Each year, Theatre Cambrian contributes to the cultural, artistic and economic profile of its community. Through its dedication to excellence, Theatre Cambrian’s productions have become a favorite tourist attraction for theatre lovers across the North and beyond!  
We have grown tremendously since our first season in 1985. We have gone from a two-show per year season to our current program of two mainstage musical productions, four dinner theatre productions, one french dinner theatre, our award-winning dinner theatre festival as well as our Kids’ Curtain musical. Our programming doesn't end there. We also offer a variety of educational programs for the youth of Greater Sudbury. These programs include our Summertime Stage, MarchBreak Dramafest, Breakout Sessions (offered on PD Days), as well as our year round Academy program. These programs not only teach kids how to sing, dance, and act; but also helps them make friends and grow in a comfortable, safe and motivating environment centered on acceptance and most of all, fun!
Theatre Cambrian is also dedicated to nurturing the arts landscape of Greater Sudbury. We have proven this through our dedication to providing a stage to local performers and artists.   Our Coffee House Performance Series is a chance for local performers to get up and try new material as well as promote themselves to an audience they don't normally have the opportunity to perform for. Many accomplished musicians from the city have been out to perform and come back again and again.  This gives them the opportunity to be seen and heard by the people that need to hear and see them. It is perfect for networking.
Our Concert Series takes this opportunity one step further. It allows local artists the opportunity to fundraise for their next album or tour, or even a charity or cause dear to them; by staging their own concert. The proceeds from ticket sales as well as merchandise sales that evening stay with the performer and allows them to further their aspirations. We also provide them with technical and marketing assistance to make their event a success.
Our next stage in fundraising is dedicated to ensuring these programs can thrive by funding the upgrading of our lighting and sound systems.
Currently Theatre Cambrian begs, borrrows and rents all its equipment for every performance throughout the year. Being able to install a permanent system will ensure we can continue to promote the artistic endeavors of our community.
The money we save on rentals and shipping costs will ensure that our future goal of renovating our venue  into a Community Arts & Cultural Center. This new facility will not only house Theatre Cambrian and all it's productions but will allow us to continue our work to promote local artists, singers, dancers, actors and musicians.