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Volunteering to Independence Program "the Katimavik VIP program"

ACF14611 Katimavik Fredericton, New Brunswick

Created October  3, 2012 by Mariem Fafin


Fredericton, New Brunswick

Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Voir résumé en français ci-dessous 

Katimavik is seeking to initiate a project for vulnerable youth in Fredericton, NB.  Youth in care are eligible to opt out of residential services when they reach the age of 16.  However, they are not able to access adult services until they reach the age of 18, therefore there is a gap in programming for vulnerable youth from the ages of 16 to 18 in the community and region.  

With the help of the Aviva Community fund Katimavik proposes to provide these youth with an opportunity to live the Katimavik experience. Vulnerable youth in the community of Fredericton can greatly benefit from this experiential service-learning program that is anchored in competency acquisition. With funding for this project Katimavik participants would be enabled to help themselves while they go about helping others through the over 15,000 hours of volunteer service they will provide to the community, creating a “win-win” situation for all those involved. 

As it has been successfully done in British Columbia in 2010-11, Katimavik would apply its nationally recognized learning program to vulnerable youth and prepare them to transition to independent living in a safe space for learning, growing and developing.  The project would allow for youth to develop Katimavik’s eight competencies which involve  life skills such as preparing healthy meals, managing personal budgets as well as work related skills such as respect work schedules and objectives, team work,  managing volunteer projects, etc… Through volunteer work, group living and structured learning activities youth would develop their ability to be engaged and active citizens.  They would also go through specific activities to identify goals for their future and  develop their capacity to integrate into the job market. This program would provide youth with the supports and tools needed to live an independent and successful life. 

This program would take place over a 4 to 6 month period and the program would be offered twice annually in the community.   A small investment in our most vulnerable youth today will allow for a transformative and long lasting learning experience that will positively impact participants, those around them and the community as a whole. 

With the help of the Aviva Community Fund and all of Katimavik’s supporters we would be able to provide funding for housing, transportation, staff, etc…to bring this wonderful project idea to life in the community of Fredericton!

Katimavik cherche à développer un nouveau projet pour les jeunes en situation de précarité avec des organismes partenaires de la communauté de Fredericton au NB. Avec l’aide des fonds communautaires de Aviva, les jeunes âgé-es de 16 à 18 ans auront accès à un programme de réinsertion créé par Katimavik où ils seront dans un environnement d’apprentissage stimulant et sécuritaire pour les préparer pour une vie indépendante. Ce programme, basé sur les compétences Katimavik et le volontariat dans les organismes locaux, a déjà fait ses preuves en Colombie Britannique en 2010-2011. Un petit investissement pour les jeunes en situation de précarité aura un immense impact dans leur vie ainsi que dans leur communauté. Avec l’aide des fonds communautaires Aviva, Katimavik sera en mesure de fournir les ressources nécessaires pour mener à bien ce projet à Fredericton ainsi que pour servir de modèle à ce qui pourrait être fait dans d’autres communautés dans le pays.