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be moved, South Etobicoke youth!

ACF14206 FYI, Fitness Youth Initiatives, associated with Cosmyc Vybes M8V3B9

Created October  1, 2012 by Nancy Allen



Funding Level

0k - $50k (< 2014)

Community Size

Fewer than 100


Getting and staying active is a key part of the health and wellness of a community. Habits developed in our youth are aften transfered to adulthood (U of Berkeley newsletter) when it comes to regular physical activity and our kids are just not getting enough.
Sports play an important role in kids' activity, but there are many people who don't enjoy sports or who are not on teams, especially young girls. Cosmyc Vybes brings Zumba fitness and yoga into schools through FYI (Fitness Youth Initiatives) to provide youth with an exercise experience that may inspire or compliament their current physical activity.
Nancy Allen, the director of Cosmyc Vybes has a personal mission to reach 10,000 youth with fitness and yoga concepts. Through FYI and Cosmyc Vybes she has reached over 4,000 and is looking for assistance to expand the program to reach more kids. The Aviva grant can fund qualified instructors to grow the outreach program, but even more, assist with the implementation of a bold new program for the Cosmyc Vybes facility in South Etobicoke.
We are  rolling out our "youth exercise free" program at the new location. We are looking for assistance with providing the space and promoting this program in the neighbourhood. Our goal is to provide 12 new free spaces every month in our fitness classes. This translates into 120 kids moving regularly by June 2013.
To welcome students into the space we have partnered with a local artist to create a mural for the studio, along with the kids of the community to help them make the space "their own". I have come to Aviva to support the materials and fees for this mural.
We are opening our doors for kids to exercise with Zumba fitness and yoga classes.
Cosmyc Vybes has also been actively involved as a "Yoga for Hockey" volunteer both creatively and as an instructor. Last summer we reached over 27 different hockey groups, camps and teams with yoga "workouts" and relaxation. We would like to take our experience with yoga and hockey and translate it into a program for yoga and basketball to be implemented in 2013, with a goal of reaching 18 basketball "teams" or "programs" this year. This program will be translatable to after school, youth groups and at-risk programs as a way of teaching de-stressing and relaxation techniques to our youth.
Cosmyc Vybes believes that it doesn't matter HOW you move, it just matters THAT you move. Youth who are in motion, feel good and can take those good feelings away from their fitness classes. These kids grow into the "movers" of the next generation and can, in turn, motivate others.
"be moved" South Etobicoke!