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Generation XX Summerside Upgrades and Program Expansion

ACF14124 Generation XX Summerside

Created September 30, 2012 by Generation XX



Funding Level

$100k - 150k (< 2014)

Community Size

More than 1,000


Since 1997 Generation XX in Summerside has been a safe, supervised place for the youth of Summerside and surrounding areas to hang out, have fun, learn organizational skills, volunteer for their club and community and grow into productive members of society. We have attracted kids from all different backgrounds who socialize together and many have become fast friends despite their difference. Our approach from day one has been different from other groups as we seek to empower the youth, to let them make the decisions and to do the work. The rewards are much more gratifying to young people when you involve them.

The club is open for membership to all youth. Our members participate actively in the club’s maintenance and upkeep so they realize that this is their club: if they damage it, they help to fix it, if they mess it, they clean it.

Since our opening, we have won many prestigious awards.  Our youth realize that they are the driving force behind the club, the reason that we are open now and for years to come. By showing that they can work with the police, the business people, the parents and others in the community, the whole community benefits from the development of Generation XX Youth.

Activities include: music, skateboarding, rollerblading, games, gigs, and other special events.

You'll also find our members and volunteers working behind the scenes at many community events straight across the island - we're always willing to lend a helping hand to other community groups and organizations in need.

It's time for our facility to grow again.

We have always been driven to provide services and programs that the youth are interested in - and knowing that not all the youth in our community wants to skateboard or rollerblade - it's time to expand our services.

We need to build a computer and technology lab, develop a tutoring program, a games room with gaming consoles, a fitness facility and training room, and our building being as old as it is - is in need of some TLC in order to ensure it stays in the best shape possible for generations to come.  Adding these programs and services to our facility is going to open our doors to that many more young people in our community and give them a safe, supervised, fun place to be.  We have our plans ready to implement - we just need a little financial help to help make them a reality!

We can do this - but we need your help!  Vote for Generation XX to Grow Again and help the youth of Prince Edward Island!